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Homonyms are words that are spelled different, but sound the same.

Booze: a word for alcohol

Boos: disapproving sounds from fans or the sound Halloween ghosts make


Brewed: fermented grains

Brood: a family of young animals


Brews: more than one beer or a verb meaning cooks something up

Bruise: an injured area


Call: in bar language to call out your liquor preference or a level of liquor at a bar such as well, call, and premium

Caul: the membrane that covers a newborn immediately after birth

Col: French word for a mountain pass


Draft: beer served on tap/draft or recruitment into the military, or a preliminary piece of writing, or a current of moving air

Draught: a British checker game or the English spelling for draft or a gust of wind


Flair: a type of bartending where the bartender may flip bottles or do his or her job in a showy way

Flare: a burst of bright flame


Peel: a cocktail garnish

Peal: a prolonged ringing sound from bells or something else


Gin: a spirit distilled from grain

Jinn: a Muslim spirit or demon


Rum: a spirit distilled from sugarcane

Rhumb: a constant compass direction


Rye: grain used to make liquor

Wry: twisted, bitter, or distorted


Shake: to mix up a drink in a shaker tin of ice

Sheik: Arab prince

Do you know of more cocktail related homonyms? Please share with me.

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