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What is meant by well, call, and premium?
This refers to the quality and/or price level of spirits you offer at your bar. Everything in life has levels. With automobiles, it’s compact, midsize, luxury, and dream on. Behind the bar, the vodka that you keep in your speed rail is the well vodka. Next, Smirnoff will probably be the call vodka then Absolut for a premium vodka and Ketel One for ultra-premium vodka. (Just so you know, there wasn’t an Ultra Premium category until the Chopin and Greygoose type boutique vodkas hit the market in the late 1990s).

What does the term "neat" mean?
A spirit poured and served at room temperature straight from the bottle. 

What does the term "straight up" mean?
Chilled in a shaker tin or stirred in a mixing glass then strained. The term "up" is short for straight up.

What is meant by last call?
A term said in a bar at the end of the

night to let guests know that it’s time

to order the last drink because

the bar will be closing.



Who is this and what cocktail did he invent?

Henry "Carl" Ramos. He invented the

Ramos Gin Fizz in New Orleans in 1888

at his bar The Imperial Cabinet.


What is POS?
Point Of Sale. The computer system used to make transactions.


What does it mean to "build" a drink?
Fill a glass with ingredients and that's it.  No shaking, stirring, no rolling, just build.

What does "on the rocks" mean?
Over ice.

What is the "well" area behind the bar?
Your well is the workstation where you make drinks. It contains your ice well, speed rail, mixers, bar mats, tools, etc. Most of everything you need should be no more than one step away from the well.

What is a speed rail?
It’s a long stainless steel shelf about the height of your knees that holds the most commonly used well liquors in your well. It’s usually connected to the ice well.

If a guest orders a Scotch on the rocks with a "water back" what do they want? 
They want a Scotch over ice in one glass and a short glass of water with ice in another glass. It’s usually set about an inch back from the drink. 

At the end of a bar shift, what bottles are generally always cleaned and why?
Your well bottles are cleaned because they’ve been used the most and are sticky. 

What are the benefits of bar mats and glass mats?
Bar Mats

Bar mat catch little spills as you make drinks.

Glass Mats

Glass mats provide a risen surface to allow airflow for drying. In most states, it's a health code to store glassware without airflow.

What does it mean when someone calls a drink?
To call is to say the brand of spirit when ordering. Example is, "Can I have a Bacardi & Coke?" They called their rum and it was Bacardi.



In bars where drink orders are verbally given to bartenders by servers or cocktail servers, what does calling order mean?
A calling order is a way a server should call out their drinks to a bartender.

Wrong way: I need a Coke, Bud, Screwdriver, Piña Colada, Corona, and a Sprite

Right way: They need to group their orders and call out the Piña Colada first because it takes longer than the others. So the calling order for this order would be, Piña Colada, Screwdriver, Bud, C


What is a nickname for cocktail napkins?

Bev naps.


What bar is this and where it located?

The Carousel Bar located in The

Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans.

The bar stools on carousel the

move and it takes 15 minutes to

make a full revolution.


What are the first three things you should do when greeting a guest? 
Good eye contact, nice smile, and then place a cocktail napkin in front of them.

What does a cocktail napkin in front of a guest indicate?
They’ve been acknowledged. If a manager or co-worker sees a bev nap in front of a guest then they know they have been attended to. 

What does it mean to be "in the weeds"?
You’re very busy and you don’t have time to even keep your stock up, keep up with your tabs, etc. You just feel like you can never catch up to what is being demanded of you.

Explain the purpose and use of a lemon twist.
A lemon twist is a piece of lemon rind. You twist it to release the lemon oil onto a cocktail. Many will also lightly rub the glass rim with the twist as well. If you look close, you can see the oil release when you twist. You can also smell it. And it will also flame if you want.

What does it mean to be slammed?
Very busy. When you’re slammed, you’re generally stocked up and just work like a machine pumping out cocktails and everything else it takes to be a bartender. When you’re stock runs out and you get behind then it turns into in the weeds.


What was this period of time called?

It was the Gin Craze of the early 1700s in

Great Britain. The over consumption of

gin almost destroyed an entire nation.

The etching to the right is called

Gin Lane. 



What does it mean to burn the ice?
Melt the ice in the ice well.

What is added to a beer to make a Red Beer?
Tomato juice.

What color and flavor is Galliano (gah-lee-AH-no)?
This anise-vanilla flavored liqueur is yellow.

What are other names for carbonated water?
Club soda, soda water, and seltzer water.

What are shorter names for a Long Island Iced Tea? 
Long Island Tea, Long Island, and LIT (el-eye-tee).

What’s the difference between a Long Island Iced Tea and a Long Beach Tea?
A Long Beach Tea has cranberry juice in place of cola.

What is the back bar?
The back of the bar. This is where you find many liquor bottles displayed.

What is Shoes For Crews? 
Shoes For Crews is famous for making slip-resistant shoes for people working in the hospitality industry. 

What is a Black & Tan?
Dark beer layered on top of ale. Guinness and Bass are the common two beers used.

What are the three ingredients in a Piña Colada?
Rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream.

What flavor and color is Chambord? 
Burgundy colored black raspberry.

What flavor and color is Midori? 
It’s vibrant green honeydew melon liqueur.

What is Stolichnaya? 
It’s Russian vodka and is called Stoli for short.

What type of salt is used for Margaritas? 
Kosher salt.

What is a service bar?
The bar where servers get their drinks. Sometimes the bars are not visible to the public.
What is the difference between Smirnoff Ice and a beer? 
Both Smirnoff Ice and beer are brewed and have about the same alcohol content. However, Smirnoff Ice is brewed using a malt base.
How can you keep a cork from drying out while in a bottle of wine?
The proper storage for wine is on its side so that the wine touches the cork and doesn’t dry it out.

What is a toast?
toast is a short speech given in honor of someone. After the speech, everyone raises an alcoholic drink (it can be non-alcoholic too), clink their glasses together and drink to that person or persons. Speak, lift, clink, and drink.
What does two-top mean?
Two guests at a table. Three-top means three guests at a table and so on.

What is a spill sheet?
A sheet kept behind the bar so when a mistake is made, spilt, or a bottle is broken, etc. the alcohol is written on the spill sheet. It’s needed so the manager can add it to the inventory.

What is a comp sheet?
A list of drinks that have been comped (given away). Some bars allow you a couple comps a night so make regulars happy. You just have to write it down for inventory purposes.

What is a tab?
An ongoing bill for a guest during their visit at the bar. Usually a credit card is given to hold the tab open.

What amount is considered a proper serving of port or sherry?
2 1/2- 3 ounces.

What # does a Visa credit card start with?

What # does a MasterCard start with?

What # does an American Express card start with?

What does the term "top off" mean?
To put a little more what something on the top of a drink. 

What is meant when you say "top shelf"?
Top shelf refers to high-quality premium spirits that are usually up on the top shelf of the back bar. They generally cost more.

What is Happy Hour?
In modern times, it normally means the hours between 5-7 after a normal workday, but also means the time when drinks are at a discount. Some states don’t have happy hour.

What liqueur is used a Rusty Nail?

What is a Rusty Nail? 
Scotch and Drambuie on the rocks.
What does the term Presbyterian mean?
It means that the mixer is half ginger ale and half soda water. It’s called press for short as in, "Can I have a Bourbon Press?"

What is breakage?
Your empty bottles at the end of the night. Some places require you to actually break the empty bottles. Even if you don’t break them, they are still called breakage.

What is simple syrup?
Equal parts sugar and water. Heat the water and add the sugar then stir until melted.

How do you make homemade sweet-n-sour mix?
Mix simple syrup, water, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. To make Margarita mix substitute the lemon for lime.

Basically, if you add a splash of cranberry juice to a KamiKaze then what popular drink have you created?

What does "hair of the dog" mean?
When you have a hangover it’s said that you should have a drink of what you had the night before to feel better. It’s called Hair of the Dog.

When working behind the bar, what do you softly announce to another bartender when you step behind them?
You say, "behind" or "behind you".

What’s the difference between a Piña Colada and a Chi Chi?
A Piña Colada is made with rum and a Chi Chi is a Piña Colada with vodka. 

What is Dewar’s? 
Blended Scotch whisky.

What does it mean to muddle?
To crush ingredients with a thick stick called a muddler. 

About how many glasses of wine should you get out of a wine bottle?
4-5 depending on your pour. There are around 25 ounces in a bottle so if you pour around 6 ounces per glass then you’ll get 4 glasses.
What country is Finlandia vodka produced? 

Name a few things you might find in a bartenders pocket.
Wine tool, bottle opener, lighter, cigar cutter, cell phone, magic trick, or mints. 

What is and always will be considered a real Martini?
Gin and dry vermouth. 

If you replace the olives in a Martini with cocktail onions, what drink have you made? 

What garnish is a flag?
A cherry speared orange slice.
When someone says "on the fly" what do they mean?
I need it now.

What does the term "on the house" mean? 
It means that the house/bar is buying.

What’s a station?
A station is a section of a bar or restaurant that a server, cocktail server, or sometimes bartender is assigned to work. 

What does D.U.I. stand for? 
Driving Under the Influence 

What does D.W.I stand for? 
Driving While Intoxicated.

What is Absolut and where is it produced? 
A vodka produced in Sweden.

What is the most popular amaretto and where is it produced? 
Amaretto di Disaronno (dee-sa-ROW-no) from Saronno, Italy. It comes in a clear square bottle with a large square screw top and has an almond flavor.

What is Grand Marnier (marn-YAY)? 
It’s an orange Cognac-based liqueur from France. 

What is Perrier (pair-ee-A)? 
French sparkling bottled water. They say Julius Caesar drank from the spring from which Perrier is taken in 58 B.C. 

How do you serve Perrier? 
Perrier should be served cold without ice preferably with a wine glass and a slice of lime on the rim of the glass. 

Why is word Curaçao (KUR-uh-sow, rhymes with cow) capitalized? 
Because it’s a place in the Caribbean called the
Netherland Antilles (Dutch West Indies), which is off the coast of Venezuela.

What is a jigger used for?
To measure spirits or other liquids.

Name two types of shaking tins and what are their main differences?
Boston and cobbler. Boston is two pieces and a cobbler has three.

What is a strainer?
A strainer allows you to shake a drink then strain it into a glass without the ice falling into the glass A Hawthorne strainer has a metal coil on it and is used for a shaker tin. A julep strainer is used for the mixing glass. 

What is the famous line in the 1942 film Casablanca that mentions gin? 
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she had to walk into mine. 
What does it mean to free pour?
To pour freely from the bottle not use a measuring device.

How do you count a free pour?
When you free pour you count in your head to measure the spirit you are pouring. Generally, a one-count is 1/4 ounce, two-count is a 1/2 ounce and so on. 

What flavor is Rumple Minze (ROOM-pull)?

What is a cover charge?
A fee paid to get into an establishment.

What does "cut off" mean?
You can no longer be served any more alcohol. You’ve been cut off.

The money in your cash drawer is called what? 
Your bank.

What does "86'd" mean?
It can mean you are out of stock of an item and also a slang term for when a guest is banned from coming in the establishment.

At the end of a shift, what is typically poured down the beer drains?
Hot water. A lot of bars will pour the leftover hot coffee down the beer drains as well.

What flavor is Goldschlager?
Cinammon. It is clear with gold flake floating in it.

If glass is broken in or around the ice well what are the immediate steps a bartender should take?
If you are working another bartender you need to let co-workers know that you need to burn the well, so they don't use the ice. I've seen some busy bars throw a bar towel on the ice and make an "X" with grenadine as well. The next step is to get a bucket of ice work from and get the bar back to burn the ice. Inspect for glass shards and remove then replace the ice.

Glass is clear and ice is clear. One little shard in someone’s drink can mean a lawsuit.

What is a reading?
A reading is print out of your sales and transactions from your shift. 

What is the garnish for a Manhattan?

What ingredients are in  a Manhattan?
Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters.

What is the Scottish cousin of the Manhattan? 
Rob Roy. It uses Scotch whisky.


What does the cocktail term "perfect" mean?
To use half sweet and half dry vermouth. Example, "Can I get a perfect Manahttan?"

What is the garnish for a Gin & Tonic?
Lime wedge.

What is in a Seabreeze?
Vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice with a lime garnish.

What is in a Baybreeze?
Vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

What’s another name for a Baybreeze? 
Hawaiian Seabreeze.

What is the quickest way you can chill a bottle of wine?
Spin the bottle in a bucket of iced water with a little kosher salt. 

What garnish does a snifter of Sambuca get and why?
Three coffee beans for good luck.

What garnish does a Bloody Mary get?
Whatever your bar provides. The Bloody Mary wins for the most garnishes possible such as celery, green olives, scallions, cherry tomatoes, jumbo cocktail shrimp, pickled okra, pickled green beans, pickled asparagus, lime, lemon, pepperoncini pepper, carrot, dill pickle, beef jerky, or oyster on the half shell. Hot sauce, Worcestershire, wasabi, raw horseradish, beef bouillon, chili powder, white pepper, bitters, a splash of Guinness...the possibilities are endless.

How do you garnish a Brandy Alexander?
Fresh nutmeg.

What’s the difference between a red wine glass and white wine glass?
Red wine glass bowls are bigger.

What does it mean to rim a glass?
Such as when you put salt on the rim of a Margarita.

What does it mean when a kegs blows?
The keg ran out of beer.

What can you do to the keg handle at the bar to let people know that keg is empty?
Unscrew the tap handle off or place a glass (preferably plastic) on the handle.

What is half & half? 
It’s half cream and half milk. Most people will call it cream like, can I please have a Kahlúa and Cream? Most American bars stock half & half and not heavy cream.

What is the best way to pour cream half & half from the container? 
Open the pouring end then close it back up, turn over and squeeze.

What does it mean to up-sell?
Up-selling is when you suggest a substitute spirit of higher value.
If a guest asks for a Vodka Tonic you could ask, "Would you like me to use your favorite vodka"? 

What is Bushmills? 
Irish whiskey.

Name another popular Irish whiskey found in most American bars. 

What are some questions to ask when a guest requests a Margarita? 
On the rocks? Frozen? Up? With or without salt? Tequila choice?

Name some ways a guest can order a classic Martini.
Rocks, straight up, dirty, dry, extra dry, with a twist, two to one, and in & out.

What does cash out mean?
To do your paperwork and cash out all your money at the end of your shift.

What is a tip pool?
When tips are pooled it means all the money made from everybody is put together then divided evenly.

What is a shift drink?
Some bars allow bartenders one comped drink/shift drink after their shift. 

What is a bar back?
A bar back is a bartender’s helper. They keep the ice bins filled, stock beer, fill juices, dump trash, wash glasses, and anything a bartenders needs.

What is the standard tip from a server to a bartender?
15% of their tips. However some tip up to 20% for excellent service.

What is the difference between limejuice cordial and fresh squeezed lime juice?
Fresh squeezed lime juice is just that, juice from a lime. Lime cordial is a sweetened limejuice like Rose’s brand.

What is a standard tip out from a bartender to a bar back? 
15%-20% of their tips. 

What is a napkin caddy?
It holds the napkins.

Crème de menthe comes in two types, what are they? 
Green crème de menthe and white crème de menthe (clear). Both taste like mint.

Crème de cacao (ka-KOW, ka KOW) comes in two types, what are they? 
Dark crème de cacao (brown) and white crème de cacao (clear). Both taste like chocolate.

What order would you pour the ingredients in a shot glass when making a B-52? 
Kahlúa, Baileys, then Grand Marnier. Some bars will use other coffee and Irish cream liqueur brands as well.

What is the bitters that most every bar carries? 
Angostura (ang-uh-STOOR-ah) bitters.

What’s in a Screwdriver?
Vodka and orange juice.

If you add Galliano on top of a Screwdriver then what is it called?
Harvey Wallbanger.

If you add cranberry juice to a Screwdriver, what drink have you made?
Madras (MAD-dress).

If you take away the orange juice in a Madras then what drink do you have?

Vodka Cranberry.


If you add a lime wedge to a Vodka Cranberry then what drink do you have?

Cape Codder. Cape Cod for short.

If you replace the vodka in a Screwdriver with peach schnapps, what drink have you made?
Fuzzy Navel.

What is a vodka and grapefruit juice called?

What is it called if you add salt on the rim of a vodka and grapefruit juice?
Salty Dog.

If you add cranberry juice to a Greyhound then what drink have you made?

If you add peach schnapps to a Vodka Cranberry, then what drink have you made?
Woo Woo.

If you add orange juice to a Woo Woo then what drink have you made?
Sex on the Beach.

Tequila, orange juice, and grenadine makes what drink?
Tequila Sunrise.

What is grenadine? 
A lot of people think that it’s non-alcoholic cherry flavored syrup, but it’s supposed to be pomegranate syrup.

What is a Tom Collins?
Gin, sour mix, and soda water.

Name six drinks that have glassware named after them. 
Collins, Hurricane, Old Fashioned, Wine, Margarita, and Irish coffee.

What drink is made with coffee liqueur and vodka?
Black Russian.

What drink has coffee liqueur, vodka, and cream?
White Russian.

What is the most popular coffee liqueur brand?

What is the bartender's name on the TV show The Simpson’s? 

A White Russian served in a tall glass and topped with coke is called what? 
Colorado Bulldog. 

A White Russian with Irish cream added is called what?

Name three ways a Mudslide can be served.
Frozen/blended, on the rocks, and up.

Name the most popular Irish cream brand.
Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Coffee liqueur and cream is called what? 
A Sombrero. You generally serve it on the rocks pouring the coffee liqueur in first then layer the cream (half & half) on top. You do not mix it. If they want it mixed then a guest will ask for a Kahlúa & Cream.

What 1980s drink has coffee liqueur, amaretto, and cream? 
Toasted Almond.

What drink have you made if you add vodka to a Toasted Almond? 
Roasted Almond.

If you needed to make a drink that had a nutty flavor what liqueur would be your first choice? 
Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur.

What is rum made from?
Sugarcane or molasses.

Name the famous Jamaican dark rum. 
Myers's Original Dark Jamaican Rum. 

What is a railroad list?
A railroad is a list of cleaning duties divided up by each day and each shift. When you work you look at the railroad to see what you are supposed to clean that day. This way the bar’s icky parts get cleaned at least once a week. Sometimes sections of the bar can be divided up by each bartender and rotated monthly.

If you have a 3-sink glasswashing system, what solution is used in the 3rd glass-washing? 

If you have a 3-sink glasswashing system, what solution is used in the 2nd glass-washing? 

None. It should be plain water.

If you have a 3-sink glasswashing system, what solution is used in the 1st glass-washing? 


A splash means a splash of what on top of a drink unless otherwise instructed?

What does float mean? 
Float means to gently pour/float a liquor or liqueur on top of a drink.

What is a mist? 
It means that it is served over crushed ice. 

What’s a Mimosa?
Champagne and orange juice.

What’s an older name for a Mimosa? 
Bucks Fizz.

If Southern Comfort is added to a the 1980s drink Sloe Screw then what drink have you made? 
Sloe Comfortable Screw.

Galliano added to the top of a Sloe Comfortable Screw makes what? 
Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall.

How can you tell if your citrus juice behind the bar is spoiled?
It starts to foam and it smells bad.

If two guests come to the bar and one orders a White Wine Cooler and the other orders a White Wine Spritzer what would you give them?
Both have white wine. You’d add soda water to make the Spritzer and sprite or 7 up to make the Cooler.

What drink did James Bond 007 immortalize? 
Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred.

What are the basic ingredients of a Margarita? 
Tequila, orange liqueur (triple sec), and lime juice.

What is a Golden Margarita?
A margarita made with gold tequila.

What is a Golden Grand Margarita?
A margarita made with gold tequila and Grand Marnier.

What is a Top Shelf Margarita?
A margarita made with the top shelf spirits.

Does a Strawberry Margarita get salt on the rim?
No, but if a guest wants it then yes. Some ask for sugar.

What’s in a Kamikaze?
Vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. Old school bartenders use Rose’s sweetened limejuice. It’s usually made straight up as a shooter, but can also be ordered on the rocks.

What's a Jäger Bomb?
A shot of Jägermeister dropped into a Red Bull energy drink.

What's in a 1900s Redheaded Slut shooter? 
Jägermeister, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.

What's in a 1990s Red Snapper shooter? 
Crown Royal, amaretto, cranberry juice. 

What's a Miami Vice?
Half Piña Colada and half Strawberry Daiquiri layered on top of each other. Some bartenders pour them side by side and busy bars will pour the strawberry mix in the bottom of the glass then pour in the Pîna Colada mix making the red gush up the sides. 


What does it mean to layer? 
Alcohol is different weights so they can be layered on top of one another creating layers.


What was a Speakeasy?
A speakeasy was a secret bar during prohibition where a password was normally "spoken easy" to get in.

What flavor is crème de cassis? 

What is Campari? 
It’s a bitter red Italian 41 proof apéritif.
What are the two most popular mixers for Campari?

Soda water and orange juice.

What’s in a Keoke Coffee? 
Coffee liqueur, brandy and coffee.

What’s in a Dirty Mother?

Coffee liqueur, brandy, and cream.

What does seasoned ice mean?
For example, when you make a Martini, the leftover ice used to shake or stir is called the seasoned ice. Some guests will ask for it in a separate glass.

What is a Shandy?
Beer and sprite / 7up.

What was the American 18th amendment?

What was called the Noble Experiment?


Exactly when did prohibition in America take effect? 
One minute after midnight on Jan 16, 1920.

If you replace the Grand Marnier in a B-52 with Crown Royal then what is it called?
Duck Fart. They are popular in the Northwest.

What liqueur is nicknamed The Green Fairy?

What is a slang word for Grand Marnier? 

Sambuca is produced in what country?

In what country is Ouzo produced?

What base alcohol does Baileys Irish Cream contain?
Irish Whiskey.

What base alcohol does Grand Marnier contain?

What base alcohol does Drambuie contain?
Scotch whisky.

What is the most popular pilsner beer in America and where did pilsner beer originate? 
Budweiser. It is originally from Pilzen, Czechoslovakia. Josef Groll invented it in 1842.
What 1979 Rubert Holmes song asks, "Do you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain? 
Escape; The Piña Colada song.

What Cole Porter song made popular by Frank Sinatra in 1962 has the lines, "I get no kick from Champagne, mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all?" 
I Get A Kick Out Of You.

Who sang the 1973 song Tequila Sunrise? 
The Eagles.

What country produces Iceberg vodka?

Where is Van Gogh vodka produced? 

What distiller was issued the very first license in 1795 to produce tequila commercially? 
Jose Cuervo.

What is the name of the drink that contains tomato juice, beer and an egg yolk? 
Red Eye.

What does the word Vodka mean? 
Little water.

What is Blavod? 
It’s an American black vodka first introduced in 2003. Mark Dorman invented it and its color comes from a herb from Burma called a black catechu. 

How does Iceberg vodka get its name? 
It’s made from the water of 12,000-year-old icebergs that are harvested off the Canadian coast.

Due to prohibition in the America, what country became the tourist destination of choice? 

What did the Moscow Mule do for America? 
It introduced Smirnoff Vodka.

What is a Separator? 
Brandy, coffee liqueur, and cream. Basically, it’s a brandy
White Russian.

What two countries claim to have invented whisk(e)y?
Scotland and Ireland.

In 1939, Canadians introduced Crown Royal for the visit of whom? 
King George and Queen Elizabeth.

On a bottle of Seagram’s V.O. what does the V.O. mean? 
Very Own.

What Canadian liqueur is sometimes compared to Southern Comfort? 
Yukon Jack.

What’s in a Melon Ball?
Vodka, melon liqueur, and orange juice.

What Los Angeles club does Johnny Depp own? 
The Viper Room.

What TV series that ran from 1977-1986 had a bartender by the name of Iassac?
The Love Boat.

Who is Candy Lightner?
Founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

What is the difference between single barrel bourbon and single batch bourbon?
Single barrel bourbon is the bottling of one single barrel of Bourbon and single batch bourbon are bottlings from a batch of barrels that have been mixed prior to the bottling. 

What does the Angels Share mean?
The evaporation of spirits.

What is a cash bar?
Usually refers to the bar used for an event like a wedding where the guests have to pay for their drinks.

What is an open bar?
Means that the bar is free. Found many times at big events and weddings.

What is a full bar?
A full bar means that the bar is stocked fully to make pretty much any drink.

If you hear a bartender say that they were 3-deep all night long what do they mean?
There are three layers of people surrounding the bar waiting to get a drink all night long. You can also say 2-deep, 4-deep, 5-deep and so on. Some bars have a line, but the ones where you can get a drink at any part of the bar use the deep term. 

What does Two fingers mean?
Two fingers is a type of measurement. Take a glass and wrap 2 fingers near the bottom to measure out how much spirit to pour into the glass. In most glasses, it will measure out to 2 shots of spirit (unless you have really fat fingers).

How long has applejack been around in America?
 The Laird family first produced it in 1698 and remains to be the oldest producer of applejack to this day. 

What’s a barfly?
Someone that hangs out at a bar all the time.

What type of bar would you find a bench-mounted wine bottle opener?
A bar that sells a lot of wines by the glass. This opener mounts to the bar and can open a bottle in two seconds.

How did moonshine get its name?
It was made illegally by the light of the moon. Meaning at night in secret.

How did the term bootleg come to be?
Moonshiners would sometimes hide illegal moonshine in their boots.

How did NASCAR start?
NASCAR started from prohibition because the moonshiners that were bootlegging illegal booze had to build bigger and faster engines to outrun the law on the winding Appalachian roads.

What’s a dump sink?
The sink behind the bar where you dump the remains of a used drink. It normally has some sort of meshy filter in the bottom of it to keep straws and fruit from clogging the drain. 

Whatsink behind the bar does the health department require?
Hand washing sink.

Where did the term The Real McCoy said to come from?
In the 1500s, rumrunners were pirates that ran illegal rum to colonies that were heavily taxed. During prohibition in the 1920s the most famous rumrunner was Captain William McCoy because he didn’t add water to his spirits like the others. This is how we got the phrase "The Real McCoy".

What is rotation?
When you are working in the food and beverage industry you will hear this term a lot. Rotation is simply rotating your product. For example, when you stock your beer bottles, you don’t stock them in front of the ones already in the cooler. You must rotate your beer stock bringing the older ones to the front and the newer ones to the back so nothing expires. This method is used for just about everything in a restaurant and bar.

When a guest across the room scribbles in the air with their hand, what do they generally want?
Their tab/bill/check.

What’s another name for a virgin or non-alcoholic drink?

What’s a Sommelier?
A trained and knowledgeable wine professional that usually works at a fine restaurant. A Master Sommelier is certified, which is quite an honor.

What is Tequila Rose?
A creamy strawberry tequila liqueur that was introduced in 1997. There was no other liqueur of its type on the market and still isn’t. It’s pink and tastes like melted strawberry ice cream and packaged in a black bottle.

What was James Bond’s first Martini called and what was it named after?
Vesper. It was named after his love interest.

What are the Cheers TV show song lyrics?
Makin' your way in the world today takes everything you've got, Takin' a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot, Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came., You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same, You wanna be where everybody knows your name, You wanna go where people know, people are all the same, You wanna go where everybody knows your name…

What is a Bacardi Cocktail and legally what rum must be used? 
A Bacardi Cocktail has 1.5 ounces of Bacardi Carta Blanca (Light-Dry) rum, 1 ounce of lime juice, half a teaspoon of sugar and half an ounce of grenadine. Legally, you must use Bacardi rum.

What’s in a French Connection? 
Equal parts of Grand Marnier and Cognac.

Canada has a menthol-flavored schnapps, what is it? 
Doctor McGillicuddy’s Mentholmint Schnapps.

What’s in a Brave Bull? 
Tequila and Kahlúa.

What’s in a White Bull? 
Tequila, Kahlúa, and cream.

What’s the story behind the bat on Bacardi products?
It originated in 1862 when Don Facundo’s wife, Dona AmaliaLucla Victoria Moreau, suggested employing the Bat as the trademark for their new rum. When she entered the first BACARDI distillery, Amalia noticed a colony of fruit bats living in the rafters. As a lover of the arts, she knew that bats were thought to bring good health, fortune and family unity so they put them on the bottles. The local storytellers said it brought them good fortune and added magical powers to his rum.

Where was the Bellini invented and when? 
Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy during World War II in 1942 and named by Gluseppe Cipriani.

Where did Mount Gay Eclipse Rum get its name? 
This 1910 rum from Barbados is named after the total solar eclipse that was seen in 1910.

What’s in Black Velvet? 
Stout and Champagne.

What drink was invented near Santiago, Cuba and named after a local mine?

Why does the American George Dickel Whisky spell their whisky without the "e"? 
Because they use the Scotland tradition of making whisky in the winter instead of the summer.

What was Rose’s Lime Cordial originally made for? 
It was made to fight disease & scurvy.

What drink is made with Guinness and hard apple cider? 
Black Velveteen.

What is Teton Glacier? 
It’s American potato vodka.

What’s in a Dark 'n Stormy? 
Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and ginger beer.

About how old are blue agaves when harvested to make tequila and why? 
It takes about 8-10 years for a blue agave to be mature enough to contain the highest amount of sugar needed.
What tequila is aged in De Fussigny Cognac casks? 
El Tesoro Paradiso, which is a blend of Eltesoroo silver and Añejo 100% agave tequilas.

What is Del Dueno Jerezito Añejo? 
It’s tequila that is matured in sherry pipes.


Where is Cruzan rum produced? 
U.S. Virgin Islands.

Where is Bombay Sapphire distilled? 
Cheshire in the North of England.

Where does the B-52 get its name?
This layered shot gets its name from B-52 Stratofortress bomber planes built for the American Air Force in 1954. The planes lasted until 1991 when President Bush took them off alert duty.

How did the Screwdriver get its name? 
It’s said that the Screwdriver got its name from American oil-riggers working in the Middle East when they stirred this drink with a screwdriver. The year was 1950.

What is pink gin? 
Gin that is chilled with several dashes of Angostura Bitters. The original recipe called for Plymouth gin.

Will a good head of beer have small or large bubbles? 

What is Boodles? 
A London Dry gin.

What is grappa? 
A clear Italian brandy made from the leftovers of winemaking like seeds, stems, etc.
The man on a bottle of Johnnie Walker blended Scotch is called what? 
The Striding Man.

What is Chartreuse? 
A herbed liqueur developed by FrenchCathusian Monks in 1605. It is said that it contains over 100 herbs and spices and means The Elixir of Long Life.

What two colors does Chartreuse come in? 
Yellow and green.

What is the difference between green and yellow Chartreuse? 
The green is colored with chlorophyll and has a higher alcohol content with a dry sharp taste. The yellow is colored with saffron and is sweeter and lighter in taste.

Where is Rumple Minze produced? 
The Black Forest of Bavaria.

What is Glodwasser? 
A liqueur that16th century alchemists in Europe formulated as a medicinal elixir.

What 32 proof French mixture of fruit juice and Cognac means gentle tradewind?

What is Framboise? 
A raspberry brandy from France.

What is a horse’s neck?
It’s the spiral peel of a whole lemon put into a tall drink.

What is Akvavit? 
It’s a Scandinavian liquor that has the flavor of caraway, coriander and dill. It’s usually served chilled straight up.

What type of American whiskey is Old Overholt? 
American straight rye whiskey.

Why do Pernod, Sambuca and Ouzo turn cloudy when water is mixed with them?
This is because the oils of anise in the liqueur are only soluble in alcohol but not in water.
Dubonnet comes in two choices, what are they? 
Rouge (red) and Blonde (white/clear).

What is Kümmel? 
A dry liqueur made from cumin and caraway.

What whisky does Haig and Haig produce? 
The 12-year-old Dimple and Pinch.

Name six standard bottles behind the bar with the flavor of anise and list them from the lowest proof to the highest. 
Annisette, Galliano, Pernod, Sambuca, Ouzo, Absinthe.

There are two whiskies that have honored Queen Elizabeth. What are they? 
Crown Royal and Chivas Regal Royal Salute.

What highly sought after French wine cannot be legally bottled before the 3rd Thursday of November.
Beaujolais Nouveau.

Where did the term Happy Hour come from?
In the 1920s, Happy Hour was Navy slang for the scheduled period of entertainment on-ship. 
Who makes the renowned and prestigious Cognac named Louis XIII? 
Remy Martin.

What is Lillet? 
A French fortified apéritif made with oranges, herbs and quine.

What year did Rosés expand their product line by teaming up with Schweppes?

Who invented the Blue Blazer and what is it? 
The flaming drink that the Grandfather of bartending, Jerry Thomas, created. The drink is like a hot toddy using warm blended Scotch whisky, hot water, and honey. He would heat two mugs and put the warm whisky in one and the water and honey into the other and then light the whisky and pour it into the other mug. He then would constantly pour the mugs back into one another creating a long blue f

What’s the Peychaud’s Bitters story?
Peychaud’s Bitters was invented by Cajun descendent Antoine Peychaud in 1793 while operating a New Orleans’s French Quarter pharmacy.


What’s the flowery ingredient is used in a Ramos Fizz? 
Orange flower water.

What carbonated mixer is used in a Rickey? 
Soda water/club soda.

What’s in the 1980s  Mind Eraser shooter? And how do you drink it?
Vodka and coffee liqueur in a rocks glass of ice with soda water on top then you quickly suck it down with a straw.

What’s in a 1980s Russian Quaalude shot? 
Russian vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys, and Frangelico.

What’s in a 1980s Cement Mixer shooter?
Irish cream and Rose’s Lime Cordial. It feels gross in your mouth and is often used as a gag shot.

What’s in a Prairie Fire shot?
Shot of tequila with about 5 dashes of Tabasco.

What’s in a Snowshoe shot?
Equal amounts of chilled Wild Turkey and peppermint schnapps.

What’s in a Snake Bite shooter?
Yukon Jack and lime cordial shaken and strained.

What’s in the 1939 Scarlett O'Hara?
Southern Comfort and cranberry juice.
What was the first marketed dry beer? 
Kirin Dry from Japan.

What year was Michelob introduced? 

What’s in a Smith & Kerns? 
Coffee liqueur, half & half, and a splash of soda water on top.

What’s in a Smith & Wesson? 
Vodka, coffee liqueur, half & half, and a splash of soda water on top.

What’s in a Creamsicle?
The basic recipe is vodka, triple sec, orange juice and half & half. These days it’s made with vanilla vodka.

What’s in a 1970s Golden Cadillac?
White crème de cocoa, Galliano, and half & half.

What’s the Zombie story? 
The Zombie was created by Donn Beach (born Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt), owner of the tiki-themed Don the Beachcomber Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. The drink was served at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York and was also known as the Tahitian Rum Punch. It was advertised that only one could be served per customer.

A London waiter around the turn of the 20th century invented what tall drink made with gin? 
Tom Collins.

In the classic holiday film It’s a Wonderful Life, what does Clarence the Angel ask the bartender for? 
First, he asks for a Flaming Rum Punch then he asks for a Mulled Wine.

What is Nassau Royale?
It’s a liqueur from Nassau, the Bahamas made with vanilla rum, vanilla, herbs and spices.
Where was the Blue Hawaii created and by whom? 
In Hawaii by bartender Harry Yee.

What is a Mickey? 
It’s a drink that will knock you out. The original name was a Mickey Finn and it was laced with chloral hydrate.
Why is the amber San Francisco beer named Steam Beer considered unique?
Because it’s a hybrid of both top and bottom fermenting yeasts.

What is Vandermint? 
It’s a chocolate-mint liqueur from Holland that comes in a white and blue bottle.

Who is the oldest distiller in America? 
The Laird Company. They produce Laird’s American apple brandy.

What year did Absolut Apeach first hit the market? 

What spirit company created martini glasses as art pieces that were used in advertisements and now can be viewed in Miami, Florida? 
Bombay Sapphire.

What day was Hpnotiq supposed to launch its big promotion in America, but was not able to? 
September 11, 2001.

Who designed the Maker’s Mark bottle in 1952? Margie Samuels. 

What year was Maker’s Mark first introduced? 

Where is Matusalem Rum produced? 

What is the Irish Coffee story?
An Irish airport bartender named Joe Sheridan invented the Irish Coffee at Shannon Airport in Dublin. Then in1952 a San Francisco reporter named Stanton Delaplane took the recipe back to Jack Koeppler who owned the Buena Vista. Today the bar claims to serve 2000 Irish Coffee’s a day.

Most people think that the MD in MD 20/20 stands for Mad Dog. What does it really stand for? 
Mogen David.

Who was the bartender named Guinan in the lounge Ten Forward from Star Trek: The Next Generation? 
Whoopi Goldberg.

Who is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum named after? 

Wales Captain Henry Morgan. He was a pirate captain hired by Britain.

What year was Jägermeister introduced? 

What year was Jack Daniel’s introduced? 

When Thunderbird came out in the 1950s, what was its jingle? 
What's the word? Thunderbird!, How's it sold? Good and cold, What's the jive? Bird's alive!, What's the price, Thirty twice.

Describe one of Facundito Bacardi’s Japanese Parties.
It's said that Facundito's Japanese parties would have cost the company less money if he would’ve just taken all his guests to Japan rather than stay in Cuba! The party would begin with Facundito handing out invitations to family and friends from Santiago de Cuba to New York City. Written on the invitation was the time of the party, meals and a room assignment and guests were not allowed to leave for the full week of festivities. The party attracted people from all over the globe. In Santiago, guests were picked up by rickshaws brought over from Japan or were driven by their chauffeurs. Facundito would have those guests who had dared to drive themselves to the party place their keys in a bucket. In his typical manner and without much fanfare he would proceed to throw the keys into the bay. He also had his own landing strip, so that friends from Havana and the United States could land their planes. During the festivities, all guests were required to dress in Japanese formal attire and at the same time wear roller skates. 

What year was Labatt’s beer introduced? 

What year was Finlandia vodka introduced? 

What city makes Martini & Rossi Vermouth? 
Turin (Italy).

Who invented Rosés Lime Cordial? 

Lauchlin Rose.

If a distilled spirit is 100 proof then what % alcohol is it?50. You just divide the proof in half.


If a distilled spirit says 42% on the bottle label then what proof is it? 84 proof. You just multiply the proof by 2.


If a guest orders a CC & Coke, what do they want? Canadian Club whisky (CC) and Cola.

Who is this?

What cocktail is being made?

What spirit is in the cocktail?

Jerry Thomas (author of the first known American cocktail book in 1862).


The cocktail is a Blue Blazer.


The spirit is Scotch whisky. 


Do tap, draw, draught, and draft basically mean the same thing? 

If all red grape juice is clear and all white grape juice clear then how do red wines get their color?

The skins are left on. To achieve a pink colored wine, they leave the skins on for a little bit them remove them.

Panch is the Hindi word for what?

Punch. It means "five" as in five ingredients such as a spirit, citrus, sugar of some kind, water, and a spice of some kind.


What country is Bourbon produced? 
All Bourbons are produced in America. Furthermore, only Bourbon made in Kentucky can have the words "Kentucky Bourbon" on their label.

How many Champagne houses are located in America? 
None. Champagne can only be named Champagne when it’s from the Champagne region of France. Everything else must say sparkling wine on the label.

Why is the term French Champagne an oxymoron?
Champagne is automatically French.

What’s the difference between a shot and a shooter?
You drink both really fast, but shots are made with 100% alcohol and served in a shot glass. Examples include a B-52, shot of tequila, Buttery Nipple, etc. Shooters have a mix to them and require a larger glass. Examples include Lemondrop, Woo Woo, KamiKaze, etc.

If a keg blows and you don’t have time to change it right away what should you do to the tap handle?
Either unscrew it or put a glass upside down on the handle. Preferably a plastic glass. 

How can you make juice flow quickly out of a store-n-pour mixer container?
Stick a drinking straw into the pour spout to create air flow.

When someone with a British accent orders lemonade, most times they mean what?
Sprite or 7up. Lemonade in Britain is lemon-lime soda.

Who is this?

Lisa Laird. She is the ninth generation owner

(and first woman) to own the oldest distillery

in America, which is Laird & Company that

produces Laird's Applejack.

What is in a Mint Julep and where is it famous?
A Mint Julep is the official Kentucky Derby cocktail. It’s made with Bourbon, sugar, and spearmint leaves. 

What’s slang for Sambuca? 
Buca (BOO-ka).

What is bar time?
Usually 10 minutes ahead of real time. It helps to wrap things up at closing time.
What’s a Boilermaker?
A Boilermaker is a shot of whiskey dropped into a beer. 

What's in a Buttery Nipple shot?
Equal parts of Butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. The Irish cream layers on top of the schnapps.

How do you make an Irish Car Bomb?
Pour equal amounts of Irish whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream into a shot glass then drop it into half a pint of Guinness Stout. 

How do you make a Blow Job shot and what decade was it invented?
1980s. Pour coffee liqueur into a shot glass, layer Irish cream on top then top with whipped cream. The guest places their hands behind their back and drinks the shot using only the mouth.

If you add triple sec to Vodka Gimlet what shooter have you made?

What does the term "turn over" mean?
To use the seats in the bar or restaurant over and over with new guests. The seats are being turned over.

What is a spotter?
A spotter is hired to ask like a normal guest then report everything they experience. They are sometimes also called a secret shopper. 

Why is an empty bottle called a dead soldier?
It refers to an empty beer bottle. The spirit has left the bottle so it’s dead. 


Who is this and what is he known for?

Christian Delpech. He is the world's best

flair bartender. You can read about him

on the Famous Bartender page. 

What French raspberry liqueur comes in a small round bottle with gold banding? 

Explain the phrase "All Cognacs are brandies but not all brandies are Cognacs".
Cognac can only be made in the Cognac region of France. Brandy can be made from grapes and other fruits anywhere. 

What is in a Chocolate Cake shot and what is the bizarreness of it?
It's bizarre because nothing chocolate is in it.

It is 1 ounce Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur, .5 ounce vodka shaken and strained into a small glass. Garnish with a sugar-dipped lemon wedge. The guest drinks the shot then bites into the sugar lemon and it tastes like chocolate cake.

What are the five ingredients in a Mojito?
Rum lime, sugar, mint leaves, and soda water. 

What does "break down the well" mean?
It means to clean and put away everything in the service well.  

Do you use the flat or round end of a muddler to muddle?

If someone orders White Label, what do they want? 
They want Dewar’s White Label blended Scotch whisky.

What bottle comes in the much coveted purple and gold bags?
Crown Royal Canadian Whisky.

What is Tequila made from?
The hearts of agave plants. 51% per cent must be from the blue agave plant.

What is Cointreau (KWAHN-troh)? 
A French orange flavored liqueur. 

What shape and color is a Cointreau bottle? 
Square and brown.

If someone asks for a brut Champagne then what kind of Champagne do they want?
Dry. Not sweet.

What does the term Coyote Ugly mean?
A slang term that means you’ve awaken next to someone so ugly that you’d rather gnaw off your arm to get away instead of waking them. 

What is wine made from?
Technically, fruit. 

If Southern Comfort is not considered a whiskey, then what is it? 
It’s considered a liqueur. The spirit used is a grain alcohol, not whiskey.

What is  bitters? 
It’s a concentrated alcoholic liquid made from bark, herbs, plants, fruits, flowers, etc. It adds extra flavor to cocktails.

What is a bartender remedy an upset stomach?
A mixture of bitters and soda. 

What spirit is so versatile that it can be distilled from rice, corn, potatoes, sugar, beets, rye or pracically any vegetation in the world? 

Name the 5 main ingredients in beer. 
Malt, barley, hops, yeast, and water.

How many ounces are in a pony glass?

How many ounces are in a standard pint glass?

What's a walkout?
A guest that walks out on their tab without paying. 

Name two popular coffee liqueurs. 
Kahlúa and Tia Maria.

Is schnapps a liquor or liqueur? 

Explain the name Triple Sec. 
Triple Sec is an orange liqueur made from the bitter skins of triple sec oranges.

What does it mean to marry bottles?
Pouring the contents of one bottle into another, thus two bottles are married. It’s Illegal. The law is that you can’t pour anything into any bottle. It’s started when bar owners would water down their liquor to make more money. With that said, behind closed doors or out of eyesight, it’s been known for bartenders to marry liquor bottles for consolidation. 

What is the best way to sneeze behind the bar?
Into your elbow or into a napkin, but most definitely away from any products that can come into contact with guests.

What flavor is anise?

What’s the difference between a cordial and liqueur?
Nothing. Some cordials can be non-alcoholic.

What is the predominant flavor of London dry gin?

What is the main difference between lagers and ales? 
Lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeasts and ales are brewed with top fermenting yeasts.

What main ingredient is in tonic water?

What does Blanc mean? 
It’s French for white wine.
What does BAC stand for? 
Blood Alcohol Content and is also called Breath Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration.

Does a 5-ounce glass of wine have the alcohol content as a 12-ounce beer or a shot of 86 proof liquor? 
Yes, they all contain the same amount of alcohol.

Does the alcohol in wine, beer, and liquor have the same impact on a person’s BAC? 
Yes, beer and wine have less of an impact than hard alcohol because distilled spirits raise a person’s BAC higher and faster.

Approximately what percentage of alcohol enters the bloodstream through the stomach lining? 

If you have food in the stomach before you drink alcohol does it slow down the rate of absorption? 

Do fatty foods or high carb foods increase the absorption of alcohol in the body?
Fatty foods will slow the absorption more than high carb foods because fatty foods are harder to digest therefore the easily digested high carb foods increase the alcohol absorption rate.

Does a carbonated drink increase or decrease the absorption of alcohol in the body? 
They say it increases the absorption.

Can a person’s state of mind effect the rate of absorption of alcohol in the body?
Yes. Worry, anxiety, and emotional stress can lower the absorption and a blue mood will cause the alcohol to the dumped into the small intestine.

What percentage of body fat tissue absorbs alcohol? 
Zero. Body fat doesn’t absorb alcohol from the bloodstream.

Do the brain, muscles and central nervous system absorb any alcohol from the bloodstream? 
Very much so.

What part of your body detoxifies most the alcohol in your body? 
The liver.

How long does it take the liver to detox your body? 
It takes the liver one-hour to detox one shot of alcohol, 5 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer.

What can speed up the livers detox process? 
Nothing. Not coffee, or water, or food. The only real thing that gets a person sober is time.

Is alcohol classified as a depressant or a stimulant? 
It’s classified as a depressant, but during the initial stages, it acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system.
What bottle has a picture of a clipper ship?
Cutty Sark blended Scotch whisky.

What gets a garnish of three coffee beans dropped into it? 
A Sambuca served neat.

What country is Cognac produced?

In what country is Champagne produced?

What animal is on every bottle of Bacardi? 
A bat.

What infamous liqueur has been banned worldwide? 

What flavor is blue Curacao? 
Orange. It’s really just blue colored triple sec.

Who invented Champagne? 
No one knows. It is highly believed that it invented itself. 

What is in a Cuba Libre? 
Rum, cola, and lime. It means Free Cuba.

Who invented the Mai Tai? 
Vic Bergeron aka Trader Vic claims to have invented the Mai Tai in 1944 at his San Francisco restaurant and bar.

Where is the world’s best selling rum, Bacardi, produced? 
Puerto Rico.

When is it acceptable to bring your own bottle of wine into an establishment?
When that establishment charges a cork fee. Which means that you have to pay a fee to bring the bottle into the establishment.
When someone says that a bottle of alcohol is a fifth, what is a fifth? 
1/5 of a gallon.

What country is Crown Royal from? 

What 1987 film starring Tom Cruise is considered the bartender movie of all time and also kick-started performance/flair bartending? 

What 2000 film starred Piper Perabo who takes a night job as a sexy bar top stomping whiskey slinging cowgirl? 
Coyote Ugly.

What 2004 Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet song had these lyrics, Pour me something tall and strong, make it a Hurricane before I go insane? 
It's Five O' Clock Somewhere. Even though Jimmy Buffet has released many songs since 1977, this was his first time to have a #1 song.

In Jimmy Buffet’s anthem song Margaritaville, he searches for a lost shaker of what? 
Shaker of salt.

What is the walk-in?
A walk-in in refrigerator

What is dry stock?
All the stock that’s not wet. Straws, napkins, etc. There’s always a dry stock storage room or area.

Name a couple of ways bar secure their tap/draft beer after closing?
Put locks on the taps or un-tap the kegs. 

Who cleans the beer lines?
The distributors send their people to clean them. 

Bombay Sapphire Gin comes in what colored bottle? 
Translucent blue sapphire.

What is ethanol?
In chemistry, the most common alcohol comes in ethanol and methanol form. The main thing to know that that ethanol is potable alcohol (drinkable) and methanol is not.

What is brewing? 
It’s the production of alcohol for alcoholic beverages through a process called fermentation.

What is fermentation? 
The conversion of sugar to alcohol with the use of yeast.

What does germination mean? 
Anyone who has grown his or her own sprouts in a jar knows what it is to germinate. It’s the miracle moment that takes place when a seed enters the sprouting stage.

What is distillation?
Vaporizing a liquid then cooling the condensation and collecting the resulting liquid.

What is ginger beer?
Non-alcoholic highly flavored ginger soda.

What is orgeat (OAR-zhat) syrup?
Non-alcoholic tropical almond syrup.

What is Opal Nera? 
A black Sambuca (sam-BOO-ka).

How do you make a bar candle?
Stick some matchsticks or paper matches into the end of straw and light. I've also seen bartenders just light the end of the straw.
Where is Greygoose made? 


What is in a Harvey Wallbanger? 
It's a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) with an ounce of Galliano on top.

What is Tuaca? 
An Italian liqueur made from brandy, herbs and fruit. 

How can you carry a full drink across the room without it spilling?
Lay a straw across the drink. The tension of the liquid grabs onto the straw while the drink gently rocks, thus keeping it from spilling. 

How many ounces are in a 750ml (fifth) of alcohol? 

How many ounces in a liter bottle? 

What are red quarters?
Back in the day, bars that had machines (jukebox, bar top games, etc.) would spray paint a bunch of quarters to hand out to guests to keep them drinking. When the tech empties the machines, he gives the painted ones back to the bar. The quarters can be spray painted any color, but red is used most often.

What song has these lyrics, "It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in, there’s an old man sitting next to me, makin’ love to his tonic and gin"
Piano Man by Billy Joel.

What was the 1970s mezcal brand that advertised a worm in the bottle?  
Monte Alban

What country brews Labatt’s beer? 

Who are the top four producers of highly flavored liqueurs? 
Bols, Dukuyper, Hiram Walker, and Marie Brizard. 

What is a bar die? 
It’s the name for the structural part of the front of the bar.

In what Garth Brooks song does he sing, "Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away"? 
Friends in Low Places.

If you aren’t sure if a customer wants salt on their Margarita, then what can you do?
Only salt half the rim.

What’s the difference in the purple Crown Royal bag and the purple Crown Royal Reserve bag? 
The Reserve bag is made of velvet and the other is made of felt.

What are two ways a bartender can make a drink taste stronger w/o adding more than the required alcohol?
Pack it with ice so that less mixer is allowed in the glass, and pour a little of the spirit down the straw so that when they take a sip it tastes strong. 

Name a makeshift way to serve a heated brandy/Cognac?
You will need a rocks glass and hot water.

Preheat the brandy snifter by filling it 1/4 of the way with hot water (the kind at a coffee station) then fill a rocks glass half with hot water as well. Dump out the hot water in the snifter, pour in the Cognac and set the bowl inside the rocks glass. It’s also nice to present it on a saucer. You may have to experiment with the glassware at your bar to test which glass the snifter fits in best.

What does it mean when a customer leaves a cocktail napkin on top of their drink when they aren’t present?
It means that they’ll be back.

What proof is Everclear? 
Usually 190.

What country produces Belvedere vodka? 

What country produces Chopin vodka? 

What Brazilian sugar cane brandy means burning water? 
Cacacha (kuh-SHA-suh)

What popular cocktail is made with Cacacha? 
Caipirinha (ki-pee-REEN-yah) 

What is in a Caipirinha? 
Cachaca, lime, and sugar.

What is reposado tequila? 
Reposado means rested. Reposado tequila is blanco tequila that has been aged in wood for a minimum of two months up to a year. 

What is Añejo tequila? 
Añejo tequila is blanco tequila aged for a minimum of 1 year in oak barrels that are 600 liters or smaller.

What does V.S. on a bottle of Cognac mean? 
Very Special.

What does V.S.O.P. on a bottle of Cognac mean? 
Very Special Old Pale.

What does X.O. on a bottle of Cognac mean? 
Extra Old.

A server has ordered a draft beer, but has let it sit too long and the head is gone. What can be done to spruce up the beer head before serving? 
Quickly stir the top of the beer with a straw.

How can you prep wine bottles you sell by the glass for the most efficiency?
You can uncork the bottle halfway. Don’t pull out the cork completely, just pull it up halfway. When you need the bottle, you can easily pull the cork instead of having to open many bottles each shift. 

What is a Kir?
White wine and crème de cassis. It rhymes with "ear".

What is a Kir Royale?
Champagne and crème de cassis.

 What was Prohibition?
In America, it was between the years 1920-1933 when no alcohol could be sold, manufactured, or imported, except for churches and medicinal purposes.

What’s the deal with ice beer? 
It has higher alcohol content because when chilled, ice crystals (frozen water) form then are removed which reduces the water content.

Name some ways to keep a pitcher of beer cold.
Set a glass of ice, Ziploc bag of ice, or frozen water bottle inside. They also make pitchers that have a frozen middles.

What's in 1990s Liquid Cocaine shot?
Jägermeister, Goldschlager, and Rumple Minze.

What's in a 1990s Surfer on Acid shot?
Jägermeister, coconut rum, and pineapple juice.

If a wine bottle cork is dry and crumbly when trying to uncork the bottle, what does that tell you?
That the bottle was stored upright and not on its side. 

What is a Champagne Cocktail?
One bitters-soaked sugar cube and  Champagne.

What’s in a Between the Sheets?
Rum, brandy, triple sec, and fresh lemon sour. 

What is a 1980s Slippery Dick shot?
Layered a shot of banana liqueur and Irish cream.

Why should you never bang open rolls of coins on the cash register drawer insert?
It might break it and they cost $50 to replace. Bang your rolled coins on the bar or something solid.

What exactly is a Hop? 
A hop is a vine that contains tannins necessary to preserve the beer. Tannins are also found in grape skins and seeds to help age wine.

What exactly is barley malt? 
It’s a grain that’s soaked in water to germinate. It then turns into a source of sugar that can is used in the brewing process.

Why do you never ever fill a glass with ice by dipping the glass down into an ice well?
This is a very bad bartender habit. Because glass could break in the ice. 

What’s in a Negroni?
Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth.

What's in a Stinger? 
Brandy and white crème de menthe.

Name two drinks that use fresh mint leaves.
Mint Julep and a Mojito.

If a bottle of alcohol says that’s it contains 45% alcohol then what proof is it?

Explain single malt Scotch whisky? 
It’s a blending process with single malt whiskies at a single distillery.

What are the two most popular drinks that call for ginger beer?
Moscow Mule and the Dark N’Stormy.

If you add soda water to a Sombrero then what drink have you made? 
Smith & Kerns.

What bottle of Tequila comes with its own measuring device? 
Jose Cuervo 1800. Turn it upside down and you can see the top fill up with I ounce of tequila. Pop it off quickly then pour.

What is the standard serving size for an apéritif?
2 1/2-3 ounces.

Do you drink an apéritif before or after dinner and why?
Before. It’s supposed to stimulate the appetite.

What is a good sized ice scoop?
Large enough to fill at least 2-3 glasses of ice at one time. A 24-ounce scoop is perfect for most bars.

What can be used for an ice scoop in a pinch?
A shaker tin.

If you needed to chill a glass, how would you do it?
Fill it with ice and water. 

What four prominent countries produce whiskey/whisky?
Scotland, Ireland, America, and Canada.

Which 2 countries drop the "e" in the word whisky?
Scotland and Canada.

Which 2 countries keep the "e" in the word whiskey?
America and Ireland.

What is Cognac made from?
Select grapes grown in the Cognac region of France.

Where is Kahlúa coffee liqueur made? 

What fruit is sherry made from?

What fruit is Port made from?

What country produces Port?

What American liquor was the first to be marketed in a square bottle? 
Jack Daniel’s.

What does the word vintage mean?
The year that the grapes were harvested.

What is in a Godmother? 
Vodka and amaretto.

What’s in a Godfather? 
Scotch and amaretto.

What’s in a Sidecar?
Brandy or Cognac, triple sec, and fresh sour. It can be served with a sugared rim.

What’s in a Daiquiri?
Light rum, simple syrup and lime juice.

What American whiskey is filtered through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal before being put into charred white oak barrels?
Jack Daniel’s.

What country produces Mount Gay Eclipse Rum? 

What country produces Bacardi?
Puerto Rico. However, the first factory was in Cuba.

What cocktail does Robert De Niro drink and make in the 2000 film Meet The Parents
Tom Collins.

Where is Appleton rum produced? 

Name some spirits that can be found in the cooler?
Goldschlager, Jägermeister, Fernet, and Rumple Minze.

What product bears the name of an 1870 clipper ship? 
Cutty Sark blended Scotch whisky.

What German liqueur sells counter tap machines that chills the liqueur to 4 degrees F? 

What is the taste difference between dark crème de cacao and white crème de cacao? 
Nothing. Both have the same chocolate taste.

What is the difference between Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch and Johnnie Walker Red? 
Black is aged 12 years. Red is 8 years or less.

What color is whiskey when it comes out of the still? 
Clear. It gets it color from aging.

Wild Turkey comes is available in 2 proofs, what are they? 
80 and 101.

Wild Turkey comes in two labels, what are they? 
White and Black label.

What Japanese liqueur means, green? 

What Swedish vodka introduced in 1984 is infused with paprika and jalapeño peppers? 
Absolut Peppar.

What country originally produced sherry? 

What style of beer is made from roasted unmalted barley? 

What is the most popular Stout? 

In what country is Tuaca produced? 

How many bottles of wine are there in a magnum?

What is mixed in bloody mary mix to make bloody bull mix? 
Beef bouillon.

Jameson is aged in what type of oak casks? 
They use casks that previously aged sherry.

What is wasabi? 
Green Japanese horseradish.

What does OSHA stand for? 
Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

In what country is Ouzo made? 

If you had a Bourbon on the rocks and a Scotch on the rocks next to each other, how could you tell the difference between the two? 
The Bourbon will be darker. 

What is the piña part of the agave plant? 
It’s the core and is the part used in the fermentation process.

Amstel beer is from what country? 

What country is Red Stripe beer from? 

What is Knob Creek? 
It’s a Kentucky Small Batch Bourbon.

What’s the main difference between Seagram’s 7 blended whiskey and Seagram’s VO blended whisky? 
Seagram’s 7 is American (made in Indiana) and Seagram’s VO is Canadian.

What brand is a popular triple sec upgrade?


Today, the Grand Marnier Gaillon Factory is located between what two French cities? 
Rouen and Paris.
What city is Blanton’s Bourbon from? 
Bardstown (Kentucky).
Whom was the Kir named after? 
A mayor of Dijon, France, Felix Kir. He lived from 1876-1968.

Who was Hpnotiq sold to in 2003? 
Heaven Hill.

What country is Aass Beer brewed? 

What animal does George Killian's Irish Red Beer have on the label?
A Horse


What symbol does New Castle beer have on the label? 
A blue star.

Where is Bank’s Ebony beer made? 

Beamish Stout beer is made where? 

What country makes Blitz-Weinhard beer? 

Where is Boon Rawd beer made? 


Brahma beer is from what country? 

Brain beer is from what country? 
The United Kingdom.

Where in the world is Carib Lager beer made? 

Carling O’Keefe beer is produced in what country? 

Which country produces Carlsberg Elephant beer? 

Where is Cisk Lager brewed? 

Lindemanís Kriek beer is produced where? 

Who first produced Chivas Regal? 
James and John Chivas.

Lion Lager is produced in what country? 
Sri Lanka.

What is the most famous beer in Switzerland? 

Name some products that Anheuser Busch produced during prohibition. 
Budweiser Near-Beer, Anheuser-Busch Ginger Ale, Budweiser Barley Malt Syrup, Ice Cream, and Old Devon Root Beer.

Where is Negra Modelo beer produced? 

Ngokí Biere beer comes from what country? 
The Republic of Congo.

What European country produces Pelforth Pale? 

Pilsner Urquell beer is produced in what country? 
Czech Republic.

What Asian country brews Sinha Lager? 

What is Toothís Sheaf Stoutís country of origin? 

Tsingtao beer is brewed in what Asian country? 

What year were the Budweiser Clydesdale horses introduced? 

Gooderham & Worts Small Batch Whisky is produced in what country? 

What year did Anheuser-Busch first use a Dalmatian on a Budweiser Clydesdale hitch? 

What single malt Scotch whisky means Valley of the Deer? 

Where is Rhum Barbancourt reserve Speciale Rum produced? 

Where is El Dorado 15 year Rum produced? 

Where is Cohiba Black Rum produced? 
The Dominican Republic.

Where is DíAristi Añejo Reserva Rum produced? 
Costa Rica.

Where is Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum produced? 

Where is Westerhall Plantation Rum produced? 

Where is Kaniche Rum produced? 

Where is Mangoustan’s Rhum produced? 
The Antilles.
Where is Pusser’s Blue Label Rum produced? 

Where is Stubb’s Light Rum produced? 
Queensland, Australia.

How long has the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky been producing bourbon? 
Since 1795.

Where is Cockspur rum produced? 

Leyden dry gin is produced in what country? 

Who created Dewar’s Scotch whisky? 
John Dewar started the distillery but it was his sons, John and Thomas that enhanced the blend and handled the sales.

What eau de vie is distilled in an alembic still from a fermented mash of black cherries? 

What popular whisky has been blended in Aberdeen, Scotland since 1801?
Chivas Regal.

Name three things to know about Mead? 
A spirit distilled from fermented honey, herbs and water. Dates back to biblical times. Robin Hood and his men were known for making and drinking it.


Where is Lemon Hart Demerara Rum produced? 

What famous coin trick uses a U.S. half a dollar coin and a copper Mexican Centavo?
Scotch and Soda. The copper coin represents the Scotch and the silver coin represents the soda. You can find this trick at any magic store for about $25.

What is Slivovitz? 
It’s a very potent Hungarian plum wine.

What is it called when beer foam sticks to the insides of a glass as the level decreases and what does it mean? 
It’s called a Belgium/Brussels Lace and it means that it’s a good beer in a properly cleaned glass.

What bottles are attached to pears that are still on their branches then grown inside the bottles? 
Poire William pear brandy.

What is Herradura? 
Tequila that was the first 100% blue agave tequila imported into America.

What Scottish whisky claims to be the first bottled Scotch whisky? 
Dewar's White Label.

What distillery has been producing bourbon in Clermont, Kentucky since 1795?
James B. Beam Distilling Company.

What distillery claims to be the oldest whiskey distillery in the world? 
Bushmills distillery in Ireland.

Who was the first brewer to sponsor a national network television show? 

Where is Seagram’s Seven Crown whiskey produced? 

How long has Beefeater London Dry gin been produced? 
Since the early 1800s.

What frozen drink did Fredo in the movie Godfather II order? 
Banana Daiquiri.

What is Nassau Royale? 
A liqueur from Nassau, Bahamas made from herbs, vanilla, and light rum.

What is Advokat? 
Brandy, eggs, milk and sugar. Usually comes in a pre-mixed bottle and is described as tasting like eggnog.
What is Calvados? 
An apple brandy from Normandy, France.

Who is believed to first to age bourbon whiskey in charred casks? 
Reverend Elijah Craig.

What brandy is made in the French province of Gascony? 

Why is Armagnac a brandy and not a Cognac?
Because it’s made from grapes grown in Gascony, France. To be Cognac it must be made from grapes grown in the Cognac region of France. Therefore it must be called brandy.

What does Cuarenta y Tres mean and what is it? 
In Spanish it means Licor 43. It’s a vanilla, citrus Spanish liqueur made from 43 other herbs.

What whisky is named after Mr. Justerini and Mr. Brooks? 
J & B blended Scotch whisky.

Queen Victoria’s portrait is on what liquor bottle? 
Bombay gin.

Who operates Scotland’s first legally registered distillery? 

What is Chivas Regal Royal Salute? 
It’s a 21-year-old blended Scotch whisky that was issued in 1953 in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

What is Prunelle? 
It’s a brandy-based liqueur flavored with sloes (wild plums). It’s sweet and light green.

What is Bärenjäger? 
A German honey liqueur.

What whiskey did George Washington distill? 
Mount Vernon Rye whiskey.

What whiskey claims to be the first sour mash whiskey? 
Old Crow.

What distillery makes Wild Turkey? 
The Austin Nichols Distilling Company.

What American whiskey claims to be the first to be sold in a bottle? 
Old Forester.

What is considered the first single cask bourbon? 
Blanton's Single Barrel.

What is solera aging? 
It’s a common aging system used for sherry. Basically, wine is taken from the young sherry casks and blended with the wine in the older sherry casks and vice versa. They say that the young wine refreshes the old wine and old wine educates young ones. 

Who makes Cordon Bleu Cognac? 
The House of Martell.

What Scotch was named the official whisky of the House of Commons in the early 1900s? 
Black & White blended Scotch whisky.

What is Aurum? 
An Italian liqueur flavored with saffron and oranges with a brandy base.

What is distilled in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean then aged in France?
Martinique Rhum.

What did Grand Marnier produce to celebrate its 150th anniversary? 
Grand Marnier Centcinquintenaire.

What French wine is made from herbs, quinine and bark? 

What famous singer imported the first 100% Blue Agave Tequila into the US in the 1950’s and what was it called? 
Bing Crosby. Herradura.

Bonnie Prince Charlie from brought what liqueur to Scotland in 1745 and why? 
Drambuie. The recipe was brought to the Mackinnon family by Prince Charles in gratitude of keeping him safe during the Battle of the Culloden Moor.

What is Cherry Herring? 
It’s a Danish cherry liqueur named after the inventor, Peter Herring.

What is Mandarin Napoleon? 
A Belgian liqueur made from almonds and Dalmatian Marasca cherries.
What does it mean if a guest orders Bourbon & Branch? 
Bourbon and spring water/bottled water.

What drink is said to have originated in India and named after a carpenter’s tool? 

What cafe is known for popularizing the Irish Coffee? 
The Buena Vista Café in San Francisco.

What is Citadelle? 
It’s a French triple distilled gin.

What is Kirshwasser? 
It’s a German cherry brandy. Often it’s used in Fondue and Cherries Jubilee. Kirsch means cherry and wasser means water.

What caffeinated South American liqueur is made with cocoa, ginseng and guarna?

What is Barley Wine? 
A dark strong ale.

What is said to be the first commercial blended Scotch? 
Usher’s Green Stripe.

Who is Perrier named after? 
Louis Perrier. In 1862 he bought the natural carbonated spring.

Who took over Perrier in 1992? 

What year did Perrier launch the portable plastic Perrier bottle? 

Where is Drambuie and Talisker whisky made? 
The Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Genever gin is made in two styles. What are they? 
Jonge and Oude style.

Grand Marnier claims that they sell a bottle of their liqueur every what? 
Every two seconds.

Why did Tanquerey decide to build their distillery in Finsbury, England? 
Because they wanted to build on the land of a renowned health spa known for its purity of water.

In what Frank Sinatra song does he sing, If you can use, some exotic booze, there’s a bar in far Bombay? 
Come Fly With Me.

What full-bodied bottom fermenting beer originated in Einbeck, Germany? 
Bock Beer.

What is Goldenbarr? 
Chocolate flavored vodka from the Ukraine.

During what time did glass liquor bottles become all the rage? 
The 1870s.

Where is Mezzaluna triple distilled vodka from? 
What is Aalborg? 
A brand of Akvavit that has been produced since 1846.
When did Anheuser Busch introduce Tequiza Extra? 

What is the Reinheitsgebot Law? 
It’s a law started in 1516 still in effect today that strictly dictates what ingredients can go into brewing beer. They are water, barley, hops, and yeast.

What year was Johnnie Walker blended Scotch whisky first produced? 

What year was Baileys Irish Cream first introduced and how many years did it take to perfect the recipe? 
It was introduced in 1974 and it took them 4 years to perfect the recipe.

As of 2005, in how many countries is Baileys Irish Cream sold?

What year was Bols first introduced, by whom and where? 
1575 by Lucas Bols in Amsterdam.

When was Michelob Ultra introduced? 

When was Bacardi Select introduced? 

In what year did the direct bloodline in the Bols dynasty die out? 

What year did Hiram Walker die? 
1899 at the age of 84.

Name the distillery that produces Jameson Irish whiskey. 
Midleton Distillery.

Who owns Frangelico? 
C&C International Group.

Who created Cointreau and where was it created? 
Brothers Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau created it in Angers, France.

Edouard Cointreau
What year was Bud Dry introduced? 

What year did Budweiser begin capping bottles? 

Who started Sam Adams beer? 
Jim Koch. He found his father's beer recipes in the attic.
Who was the genius behind the Absolut ad campaign? 
Geoff Hays of the TBWA ad agency in New York.

What was the name of the very first Absolut ad in 1980? 
Absolut Perfection.

What British rum was first produced in 1758? 
Admiral Nelson’s Premium Rum.

What monastery has been destroyed by fire and rebuilt 11 times since 1084?
La Grande Chartreuse.

What bar in the world sells the most Chartreuse? 
The Outback Inn in Waikato, New Zealand. The 985 person capacity bar sells 600 bottles of Chartreuse a year.

Who were the first and probably only women who were allowed inside the Carthusian monastery of La Grande Chartreuse? 
Queen Victoria of England and Queen Wilhemin of the Netherlands.

How did Jack Daniel’s first bottle his whiskey in 1866? 
In earthenware jugs with cork stoppers. To distinguish his whiskey from others, he stencilled his name on the jugs.

What year was Crown Royal introduced to America? 

What year was Crown Royal Reserve introduced? 

What Jose Cuervo tequila was introduced in 1995 to celebrate their 200th anniversary? 
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.


What is Glenmorangie’s most expensive Scotch? 
Glenmorangie 30 Years Old Malaga Cask Finish. Only 200 bottles were produced.

In 1911, the world’s largest mechanical neon sign goes up on the Thames Embankment in London. What does it show? 
It’s an ad for Dewar’s Blue Label blended Scotch whisky.

What was J&B Ultima? 
It was a limited edition produced to celebrate the 500th anniversary of blended Scotch whisky. It was discontinued in 2001.

List the seven generations of Jim Beam distillers. 
Jacob Beam, David Beam, David M. Beam, Col. James B. Beam, T. Jeremiah Beam, and Booker Noe.

Who inherited Jack Daniel’s distillery after he died in 1911? 
His nephew, Lem Motlow.

What year was Gentleman Jack introduced? 

What was Jim Beam’s full name? 
James Beauregard Beam. 

What did Jim Beam do during prohibition? 
Left the distilling business to grow citrus in Florida, then took up coal mining then later ran a limestone quarry.

Who created Maker’s Mark? 
Bill Samuels.

What is Skyy and what’s its story?
A vodka produced in San Francisco and was invented by Maurice Kanbar. Comes in a cobalt blue bottle and claims to have almost no congeners making hangovers impossible.

Name 3 purple colored liqueurs.
Crème de violette (vee-o-late) , crème de Yvette (ee-VEHT) and Parfait Amor (par-FAY uh-MORE).

Who invented the Jägermeister tap machine and when?
Sidney E. Frank in the 1970s.

How did Wild Turkey get its name in 1940?
Thomas McCarthy brought a private supply of whiskey to share with friends on an annual Wild Turkey hunt. The rest is history.

Explain the origins of determining the proof of a spirit.
In the 18th century, spirits were mixed with gunpowder and water. This solution proved itself when it could still be ignited. If it didn't ignite, the solution had too much water in it and the proof was considered underproof. This process led to the nickname firewater, coined by Native Americans.

Who is said to have invented the Long Island Iced Tea?
It’s said to be invented by a man named Robert Butt from Long Island, NY. In the 1970s.

What is ardent water?
One of the very first "water of life" terms used to describe distilled spirits. Ardent waters means to burn. 

What is Eau-de-vie?
French for the water of life. It’s the most popular term to describe distilled spirits.

What does the D.O.M. stand for on a bottle of Benedictine?
The D.O.M. stands for Deo Optimo Maximo meaning To God, Most Good, Most Great. 

What is fortified wine?
Wines that have had alcohol added (usually brandy) like sherry, port, vermouth, and Madeira. They can also have herbs and spices added as well.

What is pomace?
It’s the remains of grapes after they’ve been pressed. These seeds, stems, skins, and pulp are then taken to make spirits such as Grappa.

Who invented the Ward 8?
Boston bartender Tom Hussion.

When were the first inflight cocktails served to paying customers?
In 1910 on the Zeppelin while flying over Germany.
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