Tropical & Frozen Drinks


No one can resist these luscious libations. There's nothing better to make you feel like you're on vacation in the tropics!

This book has 825 frozen drink recipes with fun names like Leather Bikini, Absinthe Minded, A Rum With AView, Banana Cream Pie, Berry Me In The Sand, String Bikini, China Beach, Frog In A Blender, Skinny Dipper, Tangerine Dream, and Walk The Plank.As far as Miss Charming™ knows, this is the first book to tell the history of frozen drinks, frozen drink machines, and the top 10 things to know about frozen drinks.

In my 4th published book, The Everything Cocktail Party & Drinks Book, has a chapter titled, "The Hottest Frozen & Tropical Drinks Under the Sun". Here are the names of the recipes: California Dreamin’ Creamsicle, Lulu of a Luau, Swirl from Ipanema, Copabanana Split, Chocolate Pudding Pop, Peaches at the Beaches, Screamin’ Ice Cream, Tropical Heat Wave, Latitude Attitude Adjuster, Bermuda Triangle Tea, Watermelon Tidal Wave, Banana Popcicle, Tropical Rain Forest, Paradise Under a Coconut Tree, Blue Hawaiian Punch, Sex with the Captain, The Big Chill Out, Spiked Coconut Brownie, Cookie in a Blender, and S.O.S.

Miss Charming's Tropical Drinks All Bartenders Should Know Beachbum Berry's featured recipe
Frozen Drinks from Superfly's Frozen Drinks
Ministry of Rum Drinks from Troipical
Coco Lopez Drinks Frozen Drinks from

Beachbum Berry is the tiki god of our time. He has spent years researching tiki drinks and is the #1 authority. below is a YouTube video of him at a seminar making the historical Don the Beachcomber Zombie.


Here are the Beachbum books you should own.

Here is YouTube of Robert Hess making a proper Mai Tai that was that was invented Trader Vic.