Party Drinks


Punches, party, holiday, and seasonal drinks stir up a sense of social warmth and togetherness. Most are made in mass quantities and shared with dear friends, family, co-workers, and new acquaintances. They are celebratory by nature.

Punch is believed to stem from the word Panch, which is an ancient East Indian (Hindi) word and recipe meaning five ingredients. The first American printed mention of punches was in a book named, Early American Beverages by John Hull in 1682. Here are some other random punch trivia to enjoy.

Hosting a cocktail party is about bringing people together. If you are the chosen one to host a social gathering and feel a little weak in the knees about it, then this chapter is for you. Sit down, take a deep breath and soon you’ll learn that there’s really nothing to stress over once you learn the basics.

By the way, I talk about throwing a cocktail party in my 4th published book, The Everything Cocktail Party & Drinks Book. In my 2nd book, Miss Charming's Book of Crazy Cocktails, there is a chapter titled, "Fantabulous Special Occasion & Party Creations; Festive Libations for Cheerul Celebrations". Here are the names of the recipes: Who wants to be a Millionare Punch?, Mason-Jar Blow Jobs, Fried Copabanana Peanut Butter and Jamma, Majestically Luscious Ambrosia Fountain, Light up the Night with Spiced Blacklight Delight, Dew the Witches Brew, Meanwhile, Back at the Jolly Rancher Punch, Spanish Harlem Night Sangria, Sensational Peppermint Patty Party Luge,, Tropical Snowball Slushies, Born to be Wildberry Punch, Boston Tea Party Splash, Wake up and Smell the Roasted Coffee Buzz, Strip and Go Naked Trash Can Poker Punch, Grandma's Flaming Tree-Trimming Cheer, Hillybilly Idol Lemonade, Hot-Air Balloon Wine & Cheese Party, and Tropical Fish Tank Punch.

And in my 7th book, The Everything Bartender's Book, there is a chapter on party punches, holiday and seasonal drinks.

Cocktail parties are about conversations, connecting, laughing, and feeling good. All you need to focus on is supplying five factors to make a five star cocktail party: drink, food,music, ambiance, and amusement.


The first step is to buy a notebook to keep all of your thoughts and ideas organized. Don’t be afraid to jot down anything to get started or insert any ideas you might find in a magazine. Next, you must seek answers to the following questions to determine many factors in your planning:
• What or who is this party for?
• Approximately how people will be invited?
• What is your budget?


Forget the full bar unless you are using a caterer and remember that the bigger the party, the less drink choices you should provide. If you ever attend a big art gallery cocktail party you’ll discover that only white wine and bottled water are served. The next step would be to add a beer, then a specialty cocktail. An average home cocktail party will have a beer, a wine, a specialty cocktail and bottled water.

Decide on a specialty cocktail. You can even change the name of the drink to suit your party. If you decide not to hire a bartender then you can supply everything needed and allow guests to make their own cocktail. Print out the recipe directions and place in a standing picture frame and make sure that you provide everything they will need to make the drink. Keep in mind that a self-service bar can get a little messy.


Having a bartender can really make a party. It’s always great to know a few good bartenders around your city in case you need one for a party. If you don’t know one then ask around. Another idea is to call your local bartender school and ask about one of their graduates. These economical bartenders are very anxious and excited for the chance to tend bar for you. For a Tom Cruise type Flair Bartender in your area, ask at the Flair Bartenders Association (FBA) at There are ten thousand Flair Bartender members on that website.


Tips & Ideas

Make a list of cocktails you will be serving, place it an 8X10 frame then set on the bar. The idea is to create a fun menu for guests in any way shape or form you can imagine. Get creative! When tending bar for someone else ask them for a list of liquors and mixers that they plan to provide, then make up some fun drinks with fun names. People love this. You can make a FREE bar menu at

To save money, buy liquors and mixers in bulk; however, you’ll need to invest in smaller containers to transfer the bulk amount into. Mixers can go in store-n-pours or empty fifth bottles with the labels soaked off then topped with a fast flowing pourer. Liter liquor bottles are hard on the hands and wrists so try to get a local bartender to hook you up with some empty fifth bottles and then pour the liter alcohol into them.

You want people to see the bar across the room so decorate the bar so that it shouts BAR! Try to hang items over your head to make the bar seem larger. Lights always work. You’ll discover that when the holidays roll around you’ll find yourself scouring the shelves for decorations for future party bars and not holiday trees. Rope lighting is awesome and can be easily shaped into the word BAR behind you on the wall. Look for unusual items like the full netting of a canopy that normally hangs over a bed, huge beach umbrellas in stands, icicle lights, metallic curtains, hanging beads, etc. Another stunning effect is to fill empty liquor bottles with highlighter water then set inexpensive neon black light behind them. They will glow forever. Highlighter water is when you break open a highlighter marker then put the ink soaked cottony stick in water.



In 1694 Commander of the British Mediterranean Fleet threw huge officer’s party using a garden fountain with over 600 gallons of Sangria. A man in a small boat actually rowed around adding and stirring the ingredients as well as filling glasses.

In 1710 The Elector of Hanover in Germany commissioned a silver buffet fountain and named it the Hanover Cistern and Fountain. In 1997, the fountain was valued at $3 million.

In 1819 Artillery Punch was served to President James Monroe in Savannah, GA.

In1871 Peg Leg O’Sullivan breaks into a dairy barn to steal milk for a whiskey punch party and accidentally kicks over a lantern, which burns three and a half square miles of the business district of Chicago. 250 people are killed, 95,000 people are left homeless, and 17,000 buildings are destroyed.

In 1946 It’s a Wonderful Life; Clarence the Angel orders a Flaming Rum Punch and a Mulled Wine.

In 1955 Guys and Dolls; Marlon Brando orders a Milk Punch ( it was served in a coconut shell) for Jean Simmons and himself. He tells her that at night they put a preservative in the milk and when Jean Simmons asks what they use, Marlon Brando answers, “Bacardi”. Jean Simmons asks if Bacardi has alcohol in it and Brando says, “Well, just enough to stop the milk from turning sour”. They drink six of them.

In 1965 During the summer water shortage in New York City, Seagram’s collaborated with Tiffany’s jewelry store window designer, Gene Moore by filling two water fountains with gin and $203,000 worth of jewelry in store display windows. The fountains used a case of gin a day to maintain proper liquid levels.

In 2006 The largest Champagne Pyramid is constructed in Amsterdam. 37, 820 glasses are used and it stands 60 stories high.


The Top 5 Home Party Essentials
Sips, nibbles, music, ambiance, and amusements.

First you must decide what you want to serve. This will depend on the type of party and people invited. If you’re going to serve liquor, beer and wine then it’s best to set up a self-serve beer, wine, and bottled water station away from the bar. Liquor bottle choices and mixers are determined by what you think your guests will want to drink. Ideally, it’s best to have 1-2 fun specialty drinks made in mass quantity ahead of time then kept in the fridge. Then at the party, just pour them over ice or shake and strain. However, you need to transfer the mass quantity to a more attractive and manageable container. Bottles with the labels soaked off, jars with spigots, clear plastic containers with spigots, and nice pitchers are some ideas.

Don’t just throw stuff on a plate or in a bowl and set it out. Be creative. People notice these things. Banquet bartenders know the secrets of stacking a table. All you do is find sturdy square objects like boxes of different heights then set them on a table that’s already covered. Then lay another linen over the boxes and scrunch and adjust the linen all around here and there to make it look nice. Simply set your platters of food on top of the hidden boxes and you now have a beautiful presentation for your food. Embellish the table with lights under or over the linen or anything else you find. Little food labels add a nice touch.

Finger foods can be skewered or ka-bobbed with frilly toothpicks or bamboo sticks. Try cutting a melon or watermelon in half, turning the two pieces flat side down then stick the skewers all over. It’s easy yet fun and attractive.

Look for unusual presentation props
not normally used to decorate around your party theme. For a Fiesta, try displaying chips around the circumference of a sombrero then pushing down the top center of the hat to hold a bowl of dip (double sided foam tape recommended), or chips spilling out of a busted-open piñata. Look at ordinary objects in extraordinary ways; football helmet, flowerpots, baskets, shovel, and anything with a flat or concave surface. Always use them new, scrubbed clean, or lined.

No way around it, you have to have music.
Have CDs or your ipod play continuously. It doesn’t have to be loud, you just need something to fill the air.

Ambiance is about evoking a feeling.
It sets the mood for the party. It can range from something as simple as protected candles and twinkling white lights to an extravagant theme party. Move some furniture around to create more room. If the weather is nice set the furniture in the backyard for the smokers.

This is the #1 thing hosts forget about
and yet it’s the glue that binds all the other elements together. It’s what makes your party stand out from all the others. Most people are uncomfortable at parties and the amusement is what gives everyone a common ground. An amusement can range from a simple icebreaker to some full-blown entertainment. Your goal is to make your guests feel surprisingly delighted. It can be the creative way food or drink is displayed, a door prize, shot glasses made of ice or chocolate, an ice luge, or maybe you have an entertainer. An extravagant example is a live lion at the front door with trainers and a photographer to take your photo. The amusement is what people talk about for years to come.



Surprisingly Delighted Ideas

Shot Glasses Made of Ice

The look on guests' faces alone is worth the extra effort for ice shot glasses! You can find many molds on the Internet to make shot glasses made of ice or you can make your own. All you need is some 3oz Dixie cups, Sno-Cone cups, and duct tape. Here's a ice shot glass page. Some people will use 2 different sizes of the Dixie cups instead of the Sno cone cups.

You can also tape down 2 oz portion cups in instead of sno cone cups.


It helps if you have a friend working with you in assembly line fashion. Place them on trays or cookie sheets in the freezer and when frozen simply tear away all the paper and you’ll have a shot glass made of ice. Place them all back into the freezer on a serving tray so that they are ready when you are. Don’t limit yourself with just water. Why not add some color by adding orange juice, cranberry juice, or blue Kool-aid to the water?

Here's another homemade ice shot glass page.

Chocolate Shot Glasses

How cool is it to be able to eat your shot glass? You can purchase chocolate shot glasses, however, they are a little pricey. Learn to make your own here. You can pre-fill them with liqueur or set the bottles on the table. And don’t forget about white chocolate!


Ice Luge

An Ice luge is a big chunk of ice where alcohol is poured from the top and travels down into someone’s mouth. Call your local ice company and they can help you. The ice block can also be carved into something of your choice for an extra fee. The most important thing is to tell them to drill a hole for a clear tube to run through the ice because pouring alcohol straight down the ice melts it. The most popular spirit to pour is peppermint schnapps. Have some Hershey’s chocolate syrup to pour in your mouth afterwards.


Ice Bowl
To make a bowl of ice you need a very large
plastic bowl, one medium sized plastic bowl, a reach-in freezer, some weights, and water. Place the large bowl in the bottom of the freezer and fill half way with water. Then place the medium sized bowl in the water and the weights in the medium bowl. The goal is to weigh it down enough to get the water level to rise to the top of the large bowl. You can also use freezer tape. Let it freeze for at least two days. Take it out when you need it and let it thaw naturally until the bowls pop off. Running water on it weakens it. Set the ice bowl on top of a platter that has a couple of folded towels under linen to absorb the melting ice. It really doesn’t melt as fast as you’d think.

You can decorate around the bowl to camouflage it even more. You can also insert items in the water during the freezing process like lemon slices, herbs, roses, and anything you want.If you use regular tap water then the bowl will freeze white. To create a clear bowl you must bowl water, let it cool the boil again to purify it.

Think out of the bowl! I’ve used big storage containers nested into one another to make a big ice bowl (allow 3 days for freezing). Look around with new eyes and I’m sure that you’ll think of lots of containers that can be used!

Glowing Ice Bowl

You can make a glowing ice bowl by following the same directions as the regular ice bowl; however, you’ll need a package of high lighter markers. Break open the markers and get the ink soaked cotton piece inside. Drop these pieces in water to make high lighter water. Use this water to freeze. When all set up, all you have to do is set a florescent black light behind it and it will glow. Also, the medium sized bowl will have to be clear because it has to stay in the ice bowl because you don’t want the toxic water getting into whatever you plane to put in the bowl. NOTE: The yellow and green work the best!


Chunk of Ice Around a Bottle

To freeze a block of ice around a bottle, simply cut off the top of an empty half-gallon paper milk or orange juice carton then rinse. Place the bottle inside, fill with water and freeze. When frozen, tear the paper away and you have an ice block around the bottle. You don’t have to fill the water all the way to the top. Experiment with different levels. Also, as the water is freezing, you can slip items into the half frozen ice like lemon slices, mint, candy, coffee beans, or whatever matches your theme or the flavor of the bottle. Don’t worry, the alcohol won’t freeze.


12% alcohol (24 proof) will freeze at +20 (f)
20% alcohol (40 proof) will freeze at +10 (f)
27% alcohol (54 proof) will freeze at 0 (f)
32% alcohol (64 proof) will freeze at -10 (f)
38% alcohol (76 proof) will freeze at -20 (f)
42% alcohol (83 proof) will freeze at -30 (f)

Displaying the bottle with the ice block around it can be tricky. You can chip away ice on the bottom so that it can stand, but then you have to place it where the melt off can be absorbed or drained away. A great way is in a wine or Champagne bucket of ice.


Champagne Fountain

Champagne fountains make an impression. You can rent one at a local party store and pour in anything you want as long as it doesn’t have pulp or seeds. Just set it up where everyone can reach it from all sides. Even though the fountain will have a chiller, it’s best to pour in your chosen mixture when cold. Know that using a Champagne fountain for Champagne is terrible, because it pops all the bubbles.
Clear plastic fountains can be bought as well. They cost about $50. They won't have a chiller so you will have to put something in the punch to keep it cold. Below, the balloons were filled with water and frozen and the ducks were filled with water and frozen.

Dry Ice
Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide
(the stuff you breathe out). You can get it from your local ice company. The most common use is to put a chunk of it in a punch to get an eerie foggy effect. It’s best to keep dry ice chunks as large as possible because you never want to swallow any small chunks. Also, you never want to store it in an airtight container or touch it with your bare hands, especially if they are wet. Follow these simple precautions and you’ll be fine.

To use for smoking luau drinks,
put a large chunk in the bottom of the thick glass then add ice on top of the chunk. It’s best to shake and strain a drink into the ice rather than pour room temperature alcohol straight on the ice, melting it quickly.

Spiked Watermelon

Learn how to make a spiked watermelon here.


Cherry Bombs
Buy a gallon of maraschino cherries at a wholesale store.
Pour out half of the juice and save for something else. Now pour in a bottle of booze and let sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Great choices of booze are; cherry vodka, raspberry rum, vanilla rum or anything else you want. When you are ready to present, pour out the liquid and save for something else and display the cherries in a big bowl stems up.

Drunken Olives
Just like the cherry bombs, you are
going to pour out half of the juice and marinate the olives for at least 24 hours in gin or vodka. You can add some dry vermouth too. Serve with plenty of cocktail picks.

Jello Shots
To make Jell-O® shots you simply replace the cold water portion of the Jell-O® box directions with the alcohol.
You want to pour the mixture into small plastic portion cups. 1-2 ounce cups can be bought in bulk at restaurant supply stores in your city or online. You can also buy lids making them portable.

You’ll have to make some space in your fridge to set the Jell-O® shots. The cheapest method is to measure the space in your fridge and cut out cardboard or foam board squares to create a stacking system; cardboard, layer of shots, cardboard, layer of shots, cardboard, layer of shots, and so on. As to what kind of Jell-O® shots to make, well, it’s unlimited only by your imagination. Most people start with a real drink and then look for the flavors of Jell-O® and spirits to make them into miniature bite sized versions.

Here are other great ideas with Jell-O® you can try below. Just click on the image to go to the Jell-O Lounge.



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Champagne Pyramid Chart



# OF

# OF
1 1 1 1
4 2 2 3
11 3 3 7
23 4 4 12
42 5 5 19
69 6 6 27
106 7 7 37
154 8 8 48
215 9 9 61
290 10 10 75
381 11 11 91
489 12 12 108
628 13 13 127
763 14 14 147
932 15 15 169
1124 16 16 192
1341 17 17 217
1584 18 18 243
1855 19 19 271
2155 20 20 300
2486 21 21 331
2849 22 22 363
3246 23 23 397
3678 24 24 432
4147 25 25 469




Party Theme Ideas


* 1950s Party

1960s Party
1970s Party

1980s Party

Ancient Rome
* Asian Party
* Awards-Hollywood Movie
* Baby Shower


* Beach Party

* Birthday
* Bridal Shower

* Campfire
* Casino Night
* Chinese New Year
* Christmas

Christmas In July Party
* Cinco de Mayo

* Clambake-Lobster Boil
Color Party
* Disco
* Divorce Party/Break-Up
* Easter
* Election

* Elvis Presley

* Fiesta

* Graduation

* Havana Nights
* Halloween

* July 4th

* Kentucky Derby
* Luau
* Mardi Gras
* Mother's Day
* Movie-TV-Music Awards

* New Year's Eve
* Olympics

* Pirate

* Retirement

Roaring 20s

* St. Patrick's Day

* Super Bowl-Football

Survivor Party
* Tailgate
* Tea-Garden

Texas Holdem

* Valentine's

Western Party
* Wine Party
* Yoga Serenity



Some of these ideas might scream "college frat party", but keep in mind that often you can take a cool party idea and transform it into something more on your level by subtracting and adding certain elements.

Dress Up Parties


Black Party
You will be known as the hippest party host
or hostess for a long time after this party! Yes, people will think that they are just supposed to wear the color black, and they will, but the real fun is when they show up and all the lights are off. Everyone gets a flashlight or other portable light at the door. Food stations are dimly lit and the bar works best if it glows under minimal black lights. The drinks can be garnished with glow sticks, or if your budget allows, use glowing glassware. The most important part is to keep the secret until they reach the party.

• Make black drinks with Blavod black vodka. Go to their website for recipes. Names to bounce around: Dark Side of the Moonshine Martini, Black Beauty, Black Velvet, and Shot in the Dark.

• Invitations should be black with black envelopes.

Heaven & Hell Party
People love the dynamics of being naughty or nice,
so give your guests the chance to decide if they’d like to be a little angel or a little devil for the evening. Your attire? God of course.

• Drink names for Hell can be: The Devil Made Me Do It, Lucifer Lemonade, Some Like It Hot, and For the Hell Of It. Make black Jell-O shots with black vodka and grape Jell-O.

• Freeze a block of ice around a bottle of red cinnamon schnapps then call the shots, When Hell Freezes Over. You can also make shots of tequila with dashes of Tabasco in them. Call them Satan Shots.

• Food for Hell can be: Anything hot and nasty like a bowl of jalapenos, Hot Tamales candy, a gallon of pigs feet, a gallon of pickled eggs, red hots, etc.

Songs to play for Hell can be
: Running with the Devil from Van Halen, Devil Without A Cause from Kid Rock, Hells Bells and Highway to Hell from AC-DC, Bat out of Hell from Meatloaf, Pay the Devil from Van Morrison, Don’t Cha Wish your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me from Pussycat Dolls, Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot from Buster Poindexter, etc. Just do a search and you’ll find hundreds.

• Drink names for Heaven can be
: Heavenly White Chocolatini, Touched By An Angel, and Wing Spreader. Maybe fill a water cooler of White Sangria or rent a Champagne fountain filled with Ambrosia of sorts. Make Skyy of Clouds Jell-O shots with Skyy Melon Vodka and Berry Blue Jell-O then top with whipped cream for the clouds. Freeze a block of ice around a bottle of Sambuca (first pour out some of the Sambuca and add a little water and it will turn white). Call the shots, Wings of an Angel because it will give you wings!

Food for Heaven can be mini-angel food cupcakes, whip cream, fresh fruit, Brie, and angel hair pasta with white sauce.

• Songs to play for Heaven can be: Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin, Heaven Must be Missing an Angel from Tavares, Knocking on Heaven’s Door from Guns and Roses, Playing the Angel from Depeche Mode, Heaven from Jamie Foxx, etc. Do a search to find hundreds more.

Invitations can be photocopied images
of you with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Get a friend with graphic abilities to help. Let your guests know on the invitation that a full blown out costume is not necessary. Just wearing all red, all white or something like little devil ears is fine.

If you have a two-level place for the party then make the first floor Hell and the second Heaven. Basements work well for Hell too. If you have 3 levels then make the middle level purgatory. Make a sign for the bottom of the Hell stairway that says, Stairway to Heaven and one for the top stairway that says, To Hell and Back. Heaven should twinkle with white lights, candles, gold and silver. Hell should be mainly black and red.

White Trash Trailer Park Bash
The name says it all and is probably the funniest party around.
You may be a redneck if you blend in with this party and you’re not wearing a costume!

• Drink names can be: Hillybilly Lemonade, Shotgun Weddin’Shooters, and Moonpie Martini. Serve drinks in mason jars, clean mayo jars, sterilized whiskey bottles, or moonshine jugs. You’ll probably want lots of beer too.

• Food can be: cocktail weenies, Moon Pies, cheese puffs, beef jerky, jar of pickled eggs, and a jar of pigs feet for reaction.

Run a clothes line outside and inside the party and attach clothes from the thrift store with clothespins. If you can, put a car on blocks in the front yard. Pile some bricks with three holes at the door with a sign that says, Redneck Bowling Balls. Make a redneck wind chime from beer cans, play country-drinking songs, and put aluminum foil on your windows. In the backyard have a fire burning in a 55-gallon drum with hay bales all around.

People I Love Party
Invite only people you love
. Seriously, when do you ever get to have all the people you love all together at once besides a wedding or funeral? At a wedding you are in a high emotional state and at a funeral you are in a low emotional state. This can be a great valentine party, but works anytime of the year.

• Drink names can be: Crush on You, Addicted to Love, Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, and Love on the Rocks. Pour Tequila Rose in chocolate shot glasses and set them in the shape of a heart. Make Rose Garden White Sangria with rose petals as well as the fruit.

Buy half price Valentine stuff after Valentines Day and save for this party. Have a lipstick kiss contest. Give people nametags to wear and write what you love about them below their name to create fun mingling. Put out a box so that people can write what they love about you and put it in the box. Hire some actors or comedians to be Aphrodite and Cupid to greet guests at the door and mingle.

More ideas in this Newsletter!


Pajama Party
Spin The Night With Us And You Just Might Get Lucky!

Rent a prize wheel for around $25 at a party rental store and stick little prizes on it like scratch off tickets, gift certificates, lotto tickets, etc. and let your guests spin the wheel to win the prizes! This party is flexible enough to range from G-rated and above. The wheel can have a truth or dare edge to it too. It all depends on how tame or wild you want your party.

Drink names can be: Between the Sheets, Silk Panties, Midsummer Night Dreamcicles, Get Lucky, and Wet Dream. Make Life is Bed of Roses Sangria and decorate as well as float roses and rose petals in and around the Sangria.

Serve popcorn and other late night sleep-over munchies.

If you can, switch the main room furniture with beds. If the weather permits, rent more beds for the night and put them in the backyard and sprinkle them with rose petals to make them beds of roses.

Maybe have a professional storyteller tell a story or two. Maybe hire a circus act that lies on a bed of nails. Hire an actress to play Little Bo Peep to constantly look for her sheep so she can count them. Butcher paper a Dream Wall and have people write their dreams. Paper another wall and call it a Nightmare Wall and let people write what would be a nightmare for them. Take the lipstick kiss idea from the People I Love Party and call it a Goodnight Kiss contest.


More Ideas
Color Parties: Pick a color and build a party around it. The most popular are white, pink, red, and black.

Pimp & Ho Party: Hand out fake money to the guys and the Ho with the most money at the end of the party wins a prize. This party is rated from PG to X.

Vicar & Tart Party: Priests, Tarts, Monks and Catholic Schoolgirls.

Rubik’s Cube Party: Invite your guests to make each piece of clothing that they wear a different color. The goal at the end of the night is to be wearing all one color from exchanging all night.

Stoplight Party: Single and available people wear green, yellow; means maybe, and red means you're taken.

Surf Pros and Beach Bunnies, Jocks & Cheerleaders, Golf Pros & Tennis Ho’s, CEO’s & Office Ho’s, G.I. Joe’s & Patriotic Ho’s.