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Cocktails & Spirits in Song

Photo by Cherry Capri & the Martini Kings / Creative Commons 

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Would you be surprised to learn that the melody of the American national anthem came from a drinking song? Well, it did! Initially, it came from a 1760s British poem that was given a melody. The tune inspired a London gentlemen’s social club, the Anacreontic Society (1766–1792), to adopt it as their club song. A member and composer, John Stafford Smith, changed the words into a hedonistic club song praising love and wine: “And besides I’ll instruct you, like me, to intwine [sic] the Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus’s Vine.” 


Then, in America, on September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key, an attorney who dabbled in poetry, was inspired by a large flying American flag and wrote, “Defence of Fort M’Henry,” which later was changed to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The fifteen-stripe, fifteen-star flag that inspired Key is now on display in the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.


In 1889, the US Navy used the song officially. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson recognized it for official national use, and then on March 3, 1931, President Herbert Hoover was nicknamed “Star-Spangled Hoover” because he made the song officially official (code 36 USC § 301).


William Taylor Vrooman Jr.'s son, Paul Northington Vrooman.

Ancient Drinking Songs

Ale and wine drinking songs probably go back as far as there has been ale and wine.There are records of songs from 4000 BCE to the present day that mentions wine, ale, beer, and drinking, but no one has discovered the first song mentioning a spirit or cocktail yet. The guess is that it woulbe sometime in the 1800s when cocktails made it into print.



Balladeer and researcher William Tayler Vrooman Jr. (1933–1989) was fascinated with songs from the 1600s and 1700s. He spent his life researching and singing these songs. On his Baroque Bacchanalian album, there are songs about drinking with titles that include “Come Let Us Drink About,” “Good Claret,” “The Delights of the Bottle,” and “The Thirsty Toper.” Other albums have song titles such as “Come, Come Let Us Drink,” “I Gave Her Cakes and I Gave Her Ale,” and “Taking His Beer with Old Anacharses.”



Located in the National Library of Scotland lies a broadsheet ballad of the English drinking song “The Good-Fellows Folly” (also called “Tis Money Makes A Man”). A writer named John Wade wrote it sometime between 1674 and 1679. “O what a madness ’tis to borrow or lend / Or for strong Liquor thy Money to spend; Then make much of a Penny as near as you can / For if that be wanting thou’rt counted no man.”


In 1845, John Brougham (1814–1880), an Irish-American actor, wrote and dedicated the song “The Fine Ould Irish Gintlemen” to his Boston friend Oliver C. Wyman: “This independent ragamuffin stood with a glass of fine ould Irish whiskey in his fist when he decidedly of opinion will do a mighty dale of good, to this fine ould Irish Gintleman, all of the rale ould stock.”


American composer Joseph Winner wrote the drinking song “Little Brown Jug” in 1869. It mentions the spirits gin and rum. “Me and my wife live all alone, in a little log hut we’re all our own, she loves gin and I love rum, and don’t we have a lot of fun! Ha, ha, ha, you and me, little brown jug, don’t I love thee! Ha, ha, ha, you and me, little brown jug, don’t I love thee!” Seventy years later, bandleader Glenn Miller recorded it with his swing orchestra.


In 1891, the English drinking song "Fathom the Bowl" was published in a songbook titled, "English Folk Songs". "While that clear crystal fountain over England doth roll

Give me the punch ladle, I’ll fathom the bowl.



Cocktails & Spirits in Song from 1910

1910 “Alexander and His Clarinet,” written by Irving Berlin and Ted Snyder

“Alexander played his clarinet with vim, up to Liza’s door, then played himself right in, when he got inside he played and played like sin, then played her cards to see who’d buy the gin.”


1918 “Bing Bang Bing ’Em on the Rhine,” written by Jack Mahoney and Allan Flynn

“They won’t take a drink of Pilsen, they’ll get Haig and Haig and Wilson.”


1919 “A Syncopated Cocktail,” written by Irving Berlin

“You’ll find that anyone can get a bun on a jazzy melody, never mind your cocktail shakers, just shake your lingerie, come along and have a syncopated cocktail with me.”


1919 “The Alcoholic Blues,” written by Albert Von Tilzer and Edward Laska

 “Good-bye, whiskey, you used to make me frisky, so long highball, so long gin, oh, tell me when you comin’ back again.”


1919 “You Cannot Make Your Shimmy Shake on Tea,” written by Irving Berlin and Rennold Wolf

“Unless you has the proper jazz that only comes with such drinks as Green River, Haig and Haig, and Hennessey.”


1920 “Prohibition Blues,” written by Nora Bayes and Ring Lardner

“I’ve had news that’s bad news about my best pal, his name is Old Man Alcohol, but I call him Al, good-bye forever to my old friend booze, doggone I’ve got the Prohibition blues.”


1926 “Gin House Blues,” written by Fletcher Henderson and Henry Troy

“I’ve got a sad sad story today, I’m goin’ to the gin house when the whistle blows.”


1927  “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man,” written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II

“He can be happy with jes’ a sip of gin, I even loves him when his kisses got gin.”

1928 “Me and My Gin,” written by J. C. Johnson, performed by Bessie Smith

“Stay away from me ’cause I’m in my sin, if this place gets raided, it’s just me and my gin.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 10.31.08

1928 “Button Up Your Overcoat,” written by Ray Henderson, B. G. DeSylva and Lew Brown, performed by Ruth Etting

“Keep away from bootleg hooch when you’re on a spree, oh, take good care of yourself you belong to me.”


1929 “Prohibition Is a Failure,” written by Lowe Stokes

“Prohibition is a failure most anyone can see, for whiskey sold in every town in the good ole USA.”


1929 “Selling That Stuff,” written by Georgia Tom Dorsey, performed by McKinney’s Cotton Pickers

“Jane sold more whiskey than the law allowed.”


1930 “Alabama Song,” written by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, performed by Lotte Lenya 

“Well, show me the way to the next whisky bar, oh, don't ask why, oh, don't ask why.”


1930 “Dry Voters and Wet Drinkers,” written by Joe Miller, performed by Joe Adams and James Clark

“I didn’t do nothin’ but drink some gin to keep my ribs from caving in.”


1931 “Cigarettes, Cigars,” written by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel, performed by Ruth Etting

“I work in a speak that’s dim and dingy, where standers are pretenders, cheap and stingy, all I smell is rotten Scotch & Ginger, cigarettes, cigars.”


1933 “Let’s Begin,” written by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach

“Which is it going to be, love or gin? Wife or sin? Let’s begin.”


1934 “Cocktails for Two,” written by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow, performed by Carl Brisson

“In some secluded rendezvous that overlooks the avenue, with someone sharing a delightful chat of this and that and cocktails for two.”

1934 “The Call of the Jitterbug,” written and performed by Cab Calloway

“If you'd like to be a jitterbug, first thing you must do is get a jug, put whiskey, wine and gin within and shake it all up and then begin.”

1934 “You’re the Top,” written by Cole Porter, performed by Ethel Merman and William Gaxton

“You’re the top! You’re Napoleon brandy.”


1935 “Good Old Mountain Dew,” written by Scotty Wiseman, performed by the duo Lulu Belle and Scotty

“They call it that ole mountain dew, Lord, Lord and them that refuse it are few, I’ll hush up my mug if you’ll fill up my jug with that good ole mountain dew.” “Mountain dew” was code for moonshine.


1936 “Rye Whiskey,” written and performed by Tex Ritter

“It’s a whiskey rye, whiskey rye, whiskey I cry.”



1938 “You Go to My Head,” written by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie, performed by the Larry Clinton Orchestra

“Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne you go to my head, like a sip of sparkling burgundy brew I find the very mention of you, like the kicker in a julep or two.”


1939 “Little Brown Jug,” written by Joseph Winner, performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra

“My wife and I live all alone, In a little log hut, we called our own, she loved gin, and I loved rum I tell you what we'd lots of fun.”


1939 “Well, Did Ya Evah?,” written by Cole Porter for the musical Du Barry Was a Lady

“What a swell party this is! 
What daiquiris! What sherry, please! What burgundy! What pommery!..What brandy, wow! What whiskey, here's how! What gin and what beer, will you sober up, dear?”


1941 “Moonshine Man Blues,” written and performed by Peter “Doctor” Clayton

“I’ll drink anything but moonshine and Gordon’s gin.”



1942 “What’s the Use of Getting Sober,” written by Busby Meyers, performed by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five

“Love my whiskey and I love my gin, every time you see me I’m in my sin.”

1945 “Rum and Coca-Cola,” written by Jeri Sullivan, Paul Baron, and Morey Amsterdam, performed by the Andrews Sisters

“Drinkin’ rum and Coca-Cola, Go down Point Koomahnah, both mother and daughter, workin' for the Yankee dollar.” 

The demand for this record was phenomenal because it was banned. Decca Records sold seven million copies. 

1946 “Scotching with the Soda,” written by W. Jack Wiley, performed by the Slim Gaillard Quartet
“Have you had a Scotch today? It will taste your blues away, sittin’ at the bar with a jar in my hand, Scotch, Scotchin’ with the soda.”


1947 “If the Sea Was Whiskey,” written and performed by Willie Dixon

“If the sea was whiskey and I was a diving duck, I’d dive to the bottom, and I don’t know if I’d come up.”


1947 “They Raided the Joint,” written by Louis Jordan and Dan Burley, performed by Helen Humes

“Now they were drinking gin, drinking mighty fast, some were drinking whiskey, some were drinking rum, they had some sneaky peep but they wouldn’t give me none.”


1950 “Bad Bad Whiskey,” written by Maxwell Davis, performed by Amos Milburn

“I wanna tell you baby, I’m now feeling just fine, I think I’ll stop drinking whiskey and going back to bad wine.”


1953 “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” written by Rudy Toombs, performed by Amos Milburn

“One Bourbon, one Scotch, one beer, I’ve been drinking Bourbon, whiskey, Scotch, and gin, gonna get high, man, I’m gonna get loose.”


1954 “A Bunch of Bananas,” written by Dick Manning and Ogden Nash, performed by Rosemary Clooney

“I got a bunch of bananas and a bottle of gin, they keep the hunger out and the happiness in.”


1954 “Whiskey Do Your Stuff,” written by Shifte Henri, performed by Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

“Whiskey do your stuff, ’til I’ve had enough.”

1958 “Come Fly with Me,” written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn, performed by Frank Sinatra

“If you can use, some exotic booze there’s a bar in far Bombay, come fly with me, we’ll fly we’ll fly away.”

1958 “Scotch & Soda,” songwriter unknown, performed by the Kingston Trio

“Scotch and Soda, mud in your eye, baby do I feel high oh me oh my. Dry Martini, jigger of gin, oh what a spell you’ve got me in.”


1958 “Tequila,” written by Danny Flores, performed by the Flores Trio



1959 “Sake Rock” written and performed by Martin Denny


1959 “White Lightning,” written by J. P. Richardson, aka the Big Bopper, performed by George Jones

“Then he’d fill him a jug and he’d pass it around, mighty, mighty pleasin’, pappy’s corn squeezin’ whshhhoooh white lightnin’.”


1960 “I’m About to Lose My Mind,” written and performed by T-Bone Walker

“You broke my heart, baby just too many time, from drinkin’ bad whiskey, mama, gin and rum and wine.”


1961 “Gin House Blues,” written by Harry Burke, performed by Nina Simone

“If this joint is raided somebody give me my gin.”


1961 “One Mint Julep,” written by Rudy Toombs, performed by Ray Charles

“One early morning, as I was walking I met a woman, we started talking I took her home, to get a few nips, but all I had was a Mint Julep.”


1964 “Mr. Booze,” written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, performed by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby

“Bootleg gin for your Mickey Finn till you don’t even know your name.”


1966 “Whisky Bar,” written by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, performed by the Doors

“We now must say good-bye, we’ve lost our good old mama and must have whisky, oh, you know why.”


1966 “Whiskey Man,” written by John Entwistle, performed by The Who

“Whiskey man’s my friend, he’s with me nearly all the time.”


1968 “The Gift,” written by John Davies Cale, Lou A. Reed, Maureen Tucker, Sterling Morrison, performed by The Velvet Underground

“I don't think I'll ever touch a daiquiri again.”


1970 “Bloody Mary Morning,” written and performed by Willie Nelson

“Well, it’s a bloody Mary morning, baby left me without warning, sometime in the night.”


1970 “The Ladies Who Lunch,” written by Stephen Sondheim, performed by Elaine Stritch

“Another chance to disapprove, another brilliant zinger. Another reason not to move, another vodka Stinger!”


1970 “Whiskey Train,” written by Robin Trower, performed by Procol Harum

“Ain’t gonna ride that whiskey train, ain’t gonna burn up no more flame.”


1971 “Alcohol,” written by Ray Davies, performed by the Kinks

“Barley wine, pink gin, He’ll drink anything, port, Pernod or tequila, rum, Scotch, vodka on the rocks.”

1971 “American Pie,” written and performed by Don McLean

“Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry and them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye.”

1971 “Moonshine Whiskey,” written and performed by Van Morrison

“Oh, she give me moonshine whiskey, oh, she give me Southern love.”


1972 “Brandy,” written by Elliot Lurie, performed by Looking Glass
“And there’s a girl in this harbor town and she works layin’ whiskey down and they say Brandy, fetch another round, she serves them whiskey and wine.”


1972 “He’s Got All the Whiskey,” written and performed by Bobby Charles

“He’s got all the whiskey, but he won’t give me none.”


1972 “Whiskey Whiskey,” written by Kris Kristofferson, performed by Rita Coolidge

“Whiskey, whiskey, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.”


1972 “Whiskey ’N Mama,” written by Dusty Hill, Bill Hamm, Billy Gibbons, and Frank Beard, performed by ZZ Top

“Whiskey ’n mama, you standin’ there with your curly hair.”


1973 “Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women,” written by Tim Spencer, performed by Jim Croce

“I met with a gal and we went on a spree she taught me to smoke and drink whiskey.”


1973 “Piano Man,” written and performed by Billy Joel

“Making love to his tonic and gin.”


1973 “Tequila Sunrise,” written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley, performed by the Eagles

“Take another shot of courage, wonder why the right words never come, you just get numb, It’s another Tequila Sunrise.”


1973 “Whiskey River,” written and performed by Willie Nelson

“Whiskey River take my mind.”


1973 “Wovoka,” written by Pat Vasquez, performed by Redbone

“Gin, Ricky, ginny ricky, gin, gin, gin.”


1974 “Cold Gin,” written by Ace Frehley, performed by Kiss

“Cold gin time again, you know it’s the only thing that keeps us together.”


1975 “Bad Sneakers,” written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, performed by Steely Dan

“Bad sneakers and a Piña Colada my friend.”


1975 “Emma-Jean,” written by Russell Smith, performed by the Amazing Rhythm Aces

“Won’t you unlock the back door screen and invite me in for some gin and lemonade?”

1975 “Everything Old is New Again,” written by Carole Bayer Sager and Peter Woolnough Allen, performed by Anne Murray

“Long Island jazzy parties, Waiter bring us some more Bacardi.”


1975 “Nice Boy Like Me,” written and performed by Barry Manilow

“Dozin’ over rolls of Whiskey Sours.”


1975 “Savannah Woman,” written and performed by Tommy Bolin

“She stands out of tropical rains, she pulls her gin and tonics tight.”


1975 “Sour Whiskey,” written and performed by Dan Hill

“Hand me down another whiskey sour”


1975 “Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman,” written by Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew, and Darrell Sweet, performed by Nazareth

“That whiskey drinkin’ woman is making a poor man out of me.”


1975 “Whiskey Rock-a-Roller,” written by Billy Powell, Edward King, and Ronnie Van Zant, performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Well, I’m a whiskey rock-a-roller, that's what I am.”


1976 “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” written and performed by Warren Zevon

“I'm drinking heartbreak motor oil and Bombay gin.”


1977 “Lace and Whiskey,” written and performed by Alice Cooper

“Gimme lace and whiskey, Mama’s home remedy, double indemnity fills me with ecstasy.”


1977 “Love You Like a Brother,” written and performed by Daryl Hall and John Oates

“It was always you and me and him, a Whiskey Sour, beer and gin.”


1977 “Margaritaville,” written and performed by Jimmy Buffett

“Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville, searching for my lost shaker of salt.”


1977 “That Magic Touch,” written by Frank DiMino, performed by Angel

“Waiting by the moon, sipping Whiskey Sours.”


1977 “That Smell,” written by Ronnie Van Zant and Allen Collins, performed by Lynryd Skynyrd

“Whiskey bottles, and brand-new cars, oak tree you’re in my way.”

1978 “Cheeseburgers in Paradise,” written and performed by Jimmy Buffet

“Not just Havanas or bananas or Daiquiris.”


1978 “Werewolves of London,” written by LeRoy Marinell, Waddy Wachtel, and Warren Zevon, performed by Warren Zevon

“I saw a werewolf drinking a Piña Colada at Trader Vic’s.”


1979 “Cocktails for Three,” written and performed by Terry Allen

“Just as I clink, Your daiquiri to mine...Sittin' in these cocktail rooms.”


1979 “Escape,” written and performed by Rupert Holmes

“If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.”


1979 “Lost,” written and performed by David Alan Coe

“Put old Jim Beam in my hand ’cause you know I still love to get drunk and hear country sounds.”


1979 “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound,” written and performed by Hank Williams Jr.

There are many mentions of alcoholic drinks including Piña Colada, Margarita, Manhattan, vodka, gin, beer, Champagne, Strawberry Daiquiri, Jack Daniel's, rum and Tequila.


1980 “Have a Drink on Me,” written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Brian Johnson, performed by AC/DC

“Whiskey, gin and brandy, with a glass I’m pretty handy.”


1980 “Take Your Whiskey Home,” written by David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony, performed by Van Halen

“You’re headed for some trouble if you take your whiskey home.”


1981 “Tennessee Whiskey,” written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove, performed by David Allan Coe

“You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, you’re as sweet as strawberry wine, you’re as warm as a glass of brandy, and I stay stoned on your love all the time.”


1981 “The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful,” written and performed by Jimmy Buffet

“The beer is too cold, the Daiquiri's too fruitful."


1983 “Jose Cuervo,” written and performed by Cindy Jordan
“Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine, I like to drink you with a little salt and lime.”


1983 “Name Your Poison,” written by Richard Hartly and Richard O’Brien, performed by Richard O’Brien

The cocktails named in this song include Mai Tai, Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, Black Russian, Pink Lady, Singapore Sling, Moscow Mule, Bullshot, Gin & Tonic, Red Eye, Planter’s Punch, Whiskey Sour, Horse’s Neck, and Tequila Sunrise. 


1983 “Trashed,” written by Ian Gillan, performed by Black Sabbath

“I drank a bottle of tequila and I feel real good, I had the tape deck roaring.”


1984 “Golden Bodies,” written and performed by Anthony Phillips

“Sitting with my Daiquiri rum beside me.”


1984 “Streams of Whiskey,” written by Shane McGowan, performed by the Pogues
“I am going, where streams of whiskey are flowing.”


1984 “Touch,” written by John Crawford, David Diamond, Terri Nunn, performed by Berlin

“You can buy me a Daquiri.”


1985 “Blind in Texas,” written by Steve Edward Duren, performed by W.A.S.P.

“I couldn’t get much higher white lightning moonshine.”


1985 “Jockey Full of Bourbon,” written and performed by Tom Waits

“I’m full of Bourbon and I can’t stand up.”


1985 “I Drink Alone,” written by George Thorogood, performed by George Thorogood and the Destroyers

“Just me and good buddy Wiser, that’s all I ever need, caught up my pal Jack Daniel’s, and his partner Jimmy Beam, just me and my pal Johnnie Walker, and his brothers Black and Red, yeah.”


1985 “Sally MacLennane,” written by Shane MacGowan, performed by the Pogues

“So buy me beer and whiskey ’cause I’m going far away, I’d like to think of me returning when I can to the greatest little boozer and to Sally MacLennane.”


1986 “Brass Monkey,” written by a collaboration of band members of the Beastie Boys, performed by the Beastie Boys

“We’re offered Moet, we don't mind Chivas, wherever we go we bring the monkey with us.”


1987 “Hope Road,” written by David Harrow, Charlotte Clark Anne, performed by Anne Clark

“Mixed badly with the revelers, Mixed Bacardi, wine and beer.”


1987 “Whiskey, If You Were a Woman,” written by Mary W. Francis, Johnny MacRae and Bob Morrison, performed by Highway 101

“Oh whiskey if you were a woman, I’d fight you and I’d win.”


1988 “Nobody Beats The Biz,” written by Antonio (big Daddy Kane) Hardy, Marlon Lu Ree Williams, Biz (Marcel Hall) Markie, performed Biz Markie

“Hypnotize your body, like you do Bacardi."


1989 “Boat Train,” written by Shane MacGowan, performed by the Pogues

“First we drank some whiskey, then we drank some gin, then we drank tequila, I think that’s what did me in.”


1989 “Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness,” written and performed by Elvis Costello

“He wouldn’t change his Whiskey Sour for any bitter crop.”


1990 “Ball and Chain,” written by Mike Ness, performed by Social Distortion

“A broken nose and a broken heart and empty bottle of gin.”


1990 “Humpty Dance,” written by Shock G, performed by Digital Underground

“I drink up all the Hennessy ya got on ya shelf, so just let me introduce myself.”


1991 “Pass the Bone,” written and performed by GZA

“Took a bar seat, Got a tall glass of Sex on the Beach.”


1991 “Smoke and Strong Whiskey,” written by Christy Moore, Wally Page, and Tony Boylan, performed by Christy Moore

“Drink black beer in the same public houses, smelling of smoke and strong whiskey.”


1991 “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’,” written by Marty Stuart, performed by Travis Tritt

“A woman warm and willing is what I’m looking for, ’cause the whiskey ain’t workin’ anymore.”


1992 “Cheap Whiskey,” written by Jim Rushing and Emory Gordy Jr., performed by Martina McBride

“Until the day that he dies is the smell of cheap whiskey and the sound of good-bye.”


1992 “Gin & Coconut Water,” written by Rick Carey, performed by Baha Men

“Gin & coconut water, cannot get it in America.”

1992 “Sprung on the Cat,” written by Anthony L. Ray, performed by Sir Mix-A-Lot

“Hit Red Lobster and went straight to the bar, But them drinks ain't cheap out there son, Five dollars for one of them daiquiris.”


1992 “Straight Tequila Night,” written by Debbie Hupp and Kent Robbins, performed by John Anderson

“Don’t ask her on a straight tequila night.”

1993 “Gin & Juice,” written by Harry Wayne, K. C. Casey, Andre Young, Richard Finch, and Calvin Broadus, performed by Snoop Dogg

“I got me some Seagram’s gin, everybody got they cups.”

1993 “Shorty Gotta Fat Ass,” written by Joseph Anthony Cartagena, Joseph L Kirkland, performed by Fat Joe

“I got me a Sex on the Beach from the bar.”


1994 “Cold Beverage,” written by Garrett Dutton,performed by G. Love & Special Sauce

“Back to the bar, Strawberry Daiquiris and a colada, I need a whole lotta them."


1994 “High Heeled Shoes,” written and performed by The Kingston Trio

“He puts it down beside her daiquiri and walks away to greet another guest."


1994 “Tequila,” written by Chrissie Hynde, performed by the Pretenders
“I drank tequila and watched the game in the bar, I don’t care who loses, I don’t know who the teams are.”


1994 “The Genesis,” written by Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, performed by Nas

“I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Hennessy like a family member throughout my life.”


1994 “Whiskey Under the Bridge,” written by Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, performed by Brooks & Dunn

“Ain’t no big deal, it’s just whiskey under the bridge.”


1995 “I Liked You Better When You Hated Yourself,” written and performed by The Badlees

“We used to drink our Bacardi,Behind the old school.”


1995 “Tarnation,” written by Paula A Frazer, performed by Big O Motel

“They'll make you a Daiquiri in a mason jar.”


1995 “Tequila Mockingbird,” written and performed by Pam and Mel Tillis

“Tequila mockingbird, flying underneath the neon moon, tequila mockingbird, dreaming of a love that ended too soon.”


1995 “Tequila Talkin’,” written by Bill LaBounty and Chris Waters, performed by Lonestar

“It was just the tequila talkin’ when I told you I’m still not over you.”


1995 “We Are the Lonely,” written and performed by John Prine

“The waitress waits with Whiskey Sour at the single mingle happy hour.”


1995 “What's Up Sugar?,” written by Ronald Lawrence, Smead Ghoing Hudman, Barry White, K. Jasper, Toy Jackson, Deric Michael Angelettie, performed by Suga T

“Sex on the beach and gin & juice, Nobody likes tea it makes me get loose, A glass of Moet and Alize.”


1996 “Cowboys,” written by Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras Michel, John Forté, Dewayne Battle, Rashia Fisher, and Jerome Hinds, performed by Fugees

“Write rhymes for hours, the ghetto missy, drinkin’ Whiskey Sours.”


1996 “Ghostface Killa,” written by Dennis Coles, Robert F Diggs, Darryl Hill, Kenneth W Hirsch, Ronald Miller, Ronald N. Miller, Corey Todd Woodsand, performed by Camay Raekwon

“Pour me some Scotch and cold Courvoisier...I order me a Sex on the Beach with the cherry, I order her a Vermidi on ice, sounds nice...complimentary drinks is on me
Bartender, Chevalier Chateau at table three.”


1996 “Gin and Tonic Sky,” written by Jeff Scott Soto, performed by Mundy

“The moon was a slice of lemon in a Gin and Tonic sky.”


1996 “Giving You More,” written by J. Dibbs, performed by Aaliyah

“Yeah, bartender, can I get a Hennessey on the rocks and a Long Island Iced Tea?”


1996 “It’s Martini Time,” written by Jim Health, performed by the Reverend Horton Heat

“Martini time, vodka ice shaker, Martini time, olive or lime, Martini time, gotta have glasses, make it with a layer of ice this time.


1996 “Mark Angel,” written and performed by Heavenly 

“Talked to me, charmed me, Bought me a Bacardi.”


1996 “Searchin',” written and performed by Eminem

“The Bacardi and Hurricane, If Daiquiris are in debate and not your thing.”


1996 “Thug Passion,” written by Shakur, Johnny Jackson, Larry Troutman, and Shirley Murdock, performed by 2Pac  

“Sippin’ on some Alize and Cristal, meanwhile buy me a drink and get to winking at me.”


1997 “Hard on the Ticker,” written by Tim Wiseman, performed by Tim McGraw

“I gave up pimento cheese, Domino’s delivery, Whiskey Sours.”


1997 “Tubthumping,” written and performed by Chumbawamba

“He drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink, he sings the songs that remind him of the good times, he sings the songs that remind him of the better times.”


1997 “Two Piña Coladas,” written by Shawn Camp, performed by Garth Brooks

“So bring me two Piña Coladas, one for each hand, let’s set sail with Captain Morgan and never leave dry land.”


1998 “Bad Whiskey,” written and performed by Chuck Brodsky

“Tom Greene’s whiskey put a good shine on the moon, they kept some underneath the counter in all the reputable saloons.”


1998 “Closing Time,” written by Dan Wilson, performed by Semisonic

“Cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women.”


1998 “Dionne,” written and performed by Prince

“We could have shared a martini, We could have danced 2 Mancini.”

1998 “I Useta Know Her,” written by Jason Lewis, David Marvin Blake, performed by AMG

“Buzzin off the kamikaze that I consumed.”


1998 “Rockin'and Rollin',” written and performed by Cam'ron

“I guzzle up at the bar...Drinking Char Don...Lemon like Bacardi”


1998 “Straight Tequila,” written by Eddie Garcia, performed by Trini Trigs

“Pouring straight tequila over mixed emotions tonight.”


1998 “Whiskey Girl,” written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, performed by Gillian Welch

“Nowhere man and the whiskey girl.”


1998 “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three,” written by Scotty Morris, performed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

“Hey Scotty, yeah, what’s it gonna be? A gin and tonic sounds might mighty good to me.”


1999 “Body Bumpin',” written and performed by MyTown

“But there she was at the bar, Drinkin' "Sex on the Beach."


1999 “Drunk Man's Theory,” written and performed by Snow

“While Hennesey was playing the blues, Having sex on the beach and before we could reach Bacardi done blew him away...Sitting alone in my Manhattan home, I got a bottle of wine to drown my pains and sorrows, Singapore tune about this love I one knew Margarita's her name, Got a gin fizz plan to make some quick fast ends
Hold up a bar and get drunk in the get away van"


1999 “Mope,” written by Jimmy Pop, performed by Bloodhound Gang

“Hanging out like double Ds sip Long Island Iced Teas.”


2000 “100%,” written and performed by Big Pun

“Get your party on, Don't let the liquor fool you...Too much Bacardi started speakin' dumb, Then you tried to snuff Joe, must have been Puerto Rican rum.”



2000 “That's My Girl,” written and performed by The Vandals

“She lost her shoe and found the rum Bacardi.”


2000 “What's Going On,” written and performed by Zebrahead

“She and her best friend are drinking Bacardi.”


2001 “Back Back,” written by Lil’ O, performed by Lil’ O and Big Hawk

“I’m at the bar taking sips of Long Island Iced Tea.”


2001 “Beachball,” written by Peter Buck, Michael Mills, Michael Stipe, performed by R.E.M.

“A tequila tome, ti punch, mojito, sling.”


2001 “Bubba Talk,” written by Warren Anderson Mathis, Timothy Z Mosley, performed by Bubba Sparxxx

“A legendary mixture like Jim Beam and Coke, can you cope with that elixir?...Some Jim Beam with gin and Henn with white Bacardi.”


2001 “Dance For Me,” written by Damon J N Blackmon, Mary N Blige, Ahkim Andre Miller, Bruce N Miller, Gordon Matthew N Sumner, performed by Mary J. Blige

“From the Belvedere to the Bacardi shots, Just dance ma, 'cause you know the bar hot.”


2001 “Drivin’ Me to Drink,” written by Brandon and Brian Casey, performed by Jagged Edge

“When the Remy’s in the system, it ain’t no telling what the other person sayin’.”


2001 “Good Life,” written by Rodney Roy Jerkins and Natalie Wilson, performed by Memphis Bleek

“Watchin’ the Cristal flow VIP and that’s all I know.”


2001 “Let's All Get Drunk,” written by Joseph Foreman, performed by Afroman

“Let's get dumb, Drink some rum...Bacardi, Colt .45, Let's party we still alive.”


2001 “Pass the Courvoisier,” written by Sean Combs, Jermaine Denny, Jamal Woolard, and Dominick Lamb, performed by Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy

“Give me the Henny, you can give me the Cris, you can pass me the Remy, but pass the Courvoisier.”


2002 “All the Tequila in Tijuana,” written and performed by Kevin Fowler

“All the tequila in Tijuana, won’t help me feel any stronger.”



2002 “Big Mama (Unconditional Love),” written and performed by LL Cool J and Dru Hill

“We sipped daiquiris, but you never told moms, We even shared beers, Big Mama my dear.”


2002 “Rap Name,” written by Obie Trice, performed by Obie Trice and Eminem

“And I Long Island Iced Tea when I roll with Keith, that’s right.”


2002 “Satellite” written and performed by Kay Hanley 
"Red cosmos pink, They all toasted you blind, I needed another drink."


2002 “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo,” written by Casey Breathard and Michael P. Heeney, performed by Tracy Byrd

“Then after ten rounds with Jose Cuervo, I lost count and started counting again.”


2002 “Tequila,” written by J-Bo and Sean P., performed by Youngbloodz

“Now let me tell you about this girl Tequila, she was born in eighteen hundred, she makes me feel real woozy, but I love this girl Tequila one shot of her love, it’s over she takes all my money and all I want to do is hold her, Tequila my Mexican lover.”


2003 “Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey,” written and performed by Gary Allan

“Drinkin’ dark whiskey, telling white lies, one leads to another, on a Saturday night.”


2003 “Drinks On Me,” written by Francisco J. Bautista Jr., Nathan Perez, Ronald Ray Bryant, performed by Frankie J and Baby Bash

“I see you standing at the end of the bar, Ask your girlfriends what they want 'cause, I'm getting it all, 3 long islands and a sex on the beach, I know this shot of Jose Cuervo gonna be messin.”


2003 “Ignition,” written and performed by R. Kelly 

“Sippin’ on Coke and rum, I’m like so what I’m drunk, it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, I’m about to have me some fun.”

2003 “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere,” written by Jim “Moose” Brown and Don Rollins, performed by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett

“Pour me somethin’ tall an’ strong, make it a Hurricane before I go insane.”

2003 “Son of Detroit,” written by Ronald Brooks, David Allan Coe, Tom Deluca, Harold E Tipton, performed by Kid Rock

“I like my whiskey straight up, daiquiri's make me ill.”


2003 “The Adventures of Al Boo Boo,” written and performed by Mac Dre

“Bartender give me Stoli with rose’s lime, I don’t want no Ice Tea Island Long.”


2003 “Whiskey Lullaby,” written by Bill Anderson and Jon Randall, performed by Brad Paisley

“We laid her next to him beneath the willow while the angels sang a whiskey lullaby.”


2003 “You and Tequila,” written by Matraca Berg and Deana Carter, performed by Deana Carter

“You and Tequila make me crazy, you run like poison in my blood.”


2004 “Bad Girl,” written by Harris Lewis, Raymond Danté Barton, and Wil Guice, performed by Usher

“Take a look at my dame, Fo’ sho’ she take that Hpnotiq or Alize.”


2004 “Barfly,” written by John K. Wozniak , performed by Marcy Playground

“Looks like a Tanqueray and Kamikaze night, That's alright.”


2004 “Bastardo,” written and performed by Charlotte Hatherley

“Stayed drinking Mojitos.”


2004 “Bug a Martini,” written and performed by Tori Amos

“Bug a Martini, send me to Moscow.”


2004 “Crank it Up,” written by Kevin Kadish, Rich Redmond, Jacob Albert Scherer, and performed by Colt Ford

“Doing body shots of Jager..We own that moonshine and we're sippin' on Bacardi...Crank it up, put some of that party in my cup.”


2004 “Drinks,” written and performed by Twista

“Sexy like Champagne glass, you what I’m talking about, her skin tone was like a Piña Colada, I saw two Japanese chicks that got bodies, so I ordered them a Mai Tai and hot Saki.”


2004 “Here To Forget,” written by Billy Alcorn, Jeff Smith, Phil Vassar, performed by Phil Vassar

“Joe's drinking Tequila Sunrise, And Kati's safe and Sex on the Beach, Maria loves those Blue Margaritas, She likes 'em garnished with peach, I dig these dirty Martini's
And I like 'em shaken not stirred.”


2004 “Martini Kiss,” written by Buddy Nielsen, performed by Senses Fail

“Martini kisses land on my blistered bloody scarlet lips.”


2004 “Nobody Drinks Alone,” written by Matrarca Berg and Jim Collins, performed by Keith Urban

“You remember whiskey on your daddy’s breath, so you always stick to wine.”


2004 “Piña Colada in a Pint Jar,” written by Patrick Murphy, performed by Gaelic Storm

“She wants a Piña Colada in a pint glass, she wants to be where the summer won’t stop.”


2004 “Stays in Mexico,” written and performed by Toby Keith
“One more tequila they were fallin’ in love.”


2004 "The Girl's Gone Wild" written by  Bob Dipiero, Rivers Rutherford, performed by Travis Tritt

Passin around the Cosmo, wearin' out the cell phone.”


2004 “Virgo,” written by Christopher Brian Bridges, Douglas L Davis, Nasir Jones, Salaam Remi, performed by Ludacris
“Bartender put a Cosmo in that girl hand...Just you and me, two glasses, sip on Patron.”


2004 “Whiskey in a Jar,” songwriter unknown, performed by Metallica

“Whack for my daddy-o, whack for my daddy-o, there’s whiskey in the jar-o.”


2005 “Ain’t Wastin’ Good Whiskey,” written by Wally Wilson and Buck Moore, performed by Trick Pony

“Cause I don’t need Jose, believe me, honey, I’m okay, Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam ain’t gonna pull me through, I ain’t wastin’ good whiskey on you.”


2005 “Be as You Are,” written by Kenny Chesney and Dean Dillon, performed by Kenny Chesney

“Man, I could use a Piña Colada, little bit of sun on my skin.”


2005 “Doreen,” written by Ken Bethea, Murry Hammond, Rhett Miller and Philip Peeples, performed by Turnpike Troubadours

“She was drinking Whiskey Sours in the bar.”


2005 “If I Could Do it Again,” written and performed by Corey Smith

“Sex on the Beach never tasted so good.”


2005 “It's Like That,” written by Mariah Carey, Manuel Lonnie Seal, Jermaine Dupri, Johnta M. Austin, Douglas L. Davis, Ricky M. L. Walters, Isaac Iii Freeman performed by Mariah Carey

“I came to have a party, Open up the Bacardi.”


2005 “Martini,” written and performed by Incubus

“Don’t be a fly in my Martini, baby come on down.”


2005 “Red Dress,” written by  Graham Walker and performed by Babyface

“Stop for some cocktails, Let's set the mood, Have a Martini Cosmo or two.”


2005 “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off,” written by Gary Hannan and John Wiggins, performed by Joe Nichols

“She can handle any champagne brunch, bridal shower with Bacardi punch, Jell-0 shooters full of Smirnoff, but tequila makes her clothes fall off.”


2006 Cherry Capri and the Martini Kings release an album

titled Creamy Cocktails and Other Delights with songs titled

Creamy Cocktail, Singapore King, One Mint Julep,

Cocktails for Two, Tie Another Mai Tai On, Tequila,

Rum and Coco-Cola, and, Tiny Bubbles. 


2006 “Thug Lovin',” written and performed by Ja Rule and Bobby Brown

“Move your body-body, Drink up on the Bacardi.”


2007 “Canadian Whiskey,” written and performed by Tom Russell

“Some of them drink Heineken, And some of them drink Bacardi.”


2007 “Love Me, Hate The Game,” written and performed by M-flo
“Cosmo cocktails, topless models.”


2007 The Glory,” written and performed by Kanye West

“I think Hennessy, I drank I'm gone on that Bacardi Lemon, Corona, I'm zoning.”


2007 “Xr2,” written and performed by M.I.A.

“She drank Canadian whiskey, pure blended whiskey.”


2008 “Before the Worst,” written by Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power, and Mark Sheehan, performed by the Script

“It was Dublin city on a Friday night with vodkas and Coke, I was Guinness all night.”


2008 “Blame It,” written by Christopher Henderson, Nate Walker, James T. Brown, John Conte Jr., David Ballard and Brandon Melanchon, performed by Jamie Foxx

“I’mma take a shot of NUVO, shawty.”


2008 “But It's Better If You Do,” written by Brendon Urie, Brent Wilson, George Ross, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, performed by Brendon Urie

“Smirking between dignified sips of his dignified peach and lime daiquiri.”


2008 “Going Down to Cuba,” written and performed by Jackson Browne

“I'm going to drink the rum mojito.”


2008 “Got me a Bottle,” written and performed by 50 cent

“Hennessy sippin' (got me a bottle), Bacardi drinkin' (got me a bottle), Smirnoff sippin' (got me a bottle), Absolut shorty (got me a bottle), Tangueray sippin' (got me a bottle), Absolut drinkin' (got me a bottle), E&J sippin' (got me a bottle). Champagne drinkin' (got me a bottle).”


2008 “Danny Callahan,” written and performed by Conor Oberst

“Some wander the wilderness, Some drink cosmopolitans.”


2008 “Landy in My Eggnog,” written and performed by Bad Lucc and Soopafly

“I need some Landy in my eggnog.”


2008 “Secrets,” written and performed by Steve Winwood

“You drink Mojitos with the boys.”


2008 “Sour Mash,” written by Mark Hodges, Darrin Lindsay, and Joey Putnam, performed by Hours Eastly

“Drop the bower fast, splice the main brace, Whiskey Sour mash.”


2008 “We Got the Hood on Smash,” written and performed by 50 Cent

“I’m outta sight B, Long Island Iced Tea.”


2008 “Whiskey Sour,” written and performed by Molly Nilsson

“A girl next to me spills out her Whiskey Sour and I pretty sour you made me wait too soon half an hour.”


2009 “Crazy Night,” written by Maurice Simmonds, Theron Thomas, Timothy Thomas, Ronnie Jackson, performed by R. Kelly

“Thousand dollar tab, what? I can afford it, On my fourth drink, but I'm not an alcoholic...I need another shot of that Bacardi.”


2009 “Girlfriend,” written and performed by Nicki Minaj

“Get them bottles of Rosé, one Long Island Ice-ee Tea.”


2009 “Grown Thangs,” written by Kenneth B Edmonds, Luther Vandross, performed by Luther Vandross
“Grab two more Cosmos, we ain't thinkin' about tomorrow.”


2009 “Falling Down,” written by Nadir Khayat, Martin Kierszenbaum, Nick Dresti and performed by Space Cowboy

“We like to party with Bacardi...Poppin' champagne to the early morning.”


2009 “Hemingway’s Whiskey,” written and performed by Guy Clark

“Hemingway’s whiskey warm and smooth and mean.”


2009 “I Hate California,” written by Brett James, Matthew L Shafer, performed by Uncle Kracker
“Drinkin' pink Cosmos at the Sky Bar.”


2009 “Let's Stay Here,” written and performed by Oleta James

“Sipping Mojitos and listening to Miles, playing our favorite games.”


2009 “Shots,” written by Eric Delatorre, Skyler Gordy, Stefan Gordy. Jonathan Smithand, performed by LMSAO and Lil John

“Jagerbombs, Lemondrops, Buttery Nipples, Jello shots, Kamikaze...Get me some gin...Patrons on the rocks and I'm ready for some shots.”


2009 “The Martini,” written by Aaron Dontez Yates, performed by Tech N9ne

“The names have been kept the same to reflect the strange, this is the Martini.”


2010 “After Hours,” written by Dick Valentine, performed by Electric Six

“They’re getting nice on Whiskey Sours.”


2010 “Coastal,” written by Michael Mobley, Wendall Mobley, Neil Thrasher, performed by Kenny Chesney

“Holds up a frozen orange Daiquiri, And laughs, here's to the boys at the factory.”


2010 “Down The Street Below,” written by Neil Hannonand performed by The Divine Comedy

“Knocking back mojitos at the cocktail bar.”


2010 “Five O’Clock Angel,” written and performed by Luke Bryan

“You can have your beer and Whiskey Sour, I don’t need no Happy Hour.”


2010 “For the First Time,” written by Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power, and Mark Sheehan, performed by the Script

“While I’m drinking Jack all alone in my local bar.”


2010 “Liquor Store Blues,” written by Chin Quee Dwayne Richard, performed by Bruno Mars

“Standing at this liquor store, Whiskey coming through my pores.”


2010 “One More Drinkin' Song,” written by Jerrod Niemann, Richie Brown, performed by Jerrod Niemann

“Or not to mention my favorite drink a Marga-daiquiri-screw-aloda-on the beach...So here's to cheap whiskey, And fine wine buyin' shots and pick up lines, And here's to bartenders tryin' to get paid”


2010 “Planetarium,” written by Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson, performed by Retro Stefson

“Monkey Gland and Moscow Mule, tasty and good for you.”


2010 “Rye Whiskey,” written by Chris Thile, performed by Punch Brothers

“If I don’t drink rye whiskey, rye whisky I’ll die.”


2010 “Sex on the Beach,” written by Kenneth L. R. Whitehead, performed by Spankers

“I want a cocktail...Caipirinha, Cuba Libre, Long Island, Martini, Champagne, Mojito!
Tequila boom boom! Tequila boom boom!...Caipirosca, Piña Colada, Margarita, Daiquiri, Gin-Tonic, Chupito! ”


2010 “Sex on the Beach,” written by Jamie Foxx, Joseph A. Bereal Jr., Ainsworth James Prasad, Richard Preston Butler Jr., performed by Jamie Foxx

“Champagne make me tipsy, Patron make me sick, attitude and vodka does the trick, Somebody pour me a Sex on the Beach, ”


2010 “Taxi Cab,” written and performed by R. Kelly

“We sipped mojitos then she told me all about her dreams.”


2010 “Teqkilla,” written by Amerigo Vitiello, performed by Maya

“Kahlua’s a turn-off, I tell him to Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, a shake with sparks, when we hang out, he shoots arrows through my heart blue tattoo, chillin’ up in Malibu.”


2010 “The Smidge,” written and performed by The Hold Steady

“She’s got a bandolero belt filled with kamikaze shooters, She touches every table in a total eclipse, It costs an awful lot for just a little bit.”


2011 “Bottom’s Up,” written by Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, and Joey Moi, performed by Nickelback

“Grab a Jim Beam, JD, whatever you need, have a shot from the bottle, doesn’t matter to me.”


2011 “End In Tragedy,” performed by Set It Off

“This bottle of Bacardi, Is making me a little bit testy.”


2011 “Drunk on You,” written and performed by Luke Bryan

“Pour a little Crown in a Dixie cup, get the party started.”


2011 “Hell Yeah, I Like Beer,” written and performed by Kevin Fowler

“I said, now's the time to make my move, So I got me a beer and I bought her a Sex on the Beach.”


2011 “Hotel Nacional,” written by Arbise Gonzalez, Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Danielle Marie J Schoovaerts, Dirk Jean Pierre Schoufs, Una Margaret M Balfe, Jean Michel Henri Gielen, performed by Gloria Estafan

“One, two, Daiquiris, Dancin' to the Cuban beat.”


2011 “Need You Now,” written by Josh Kear, performed by Lady Antebellum

“Another shot of whiskey, can’t stop looking at the door, wishing you’d come sweepin’ in the way you did before.”


2011 “Nonstop Disco Powerpack,” written and performed by Beastie Boys

“I max and relax Champagne Mojito.”


2011 “Piña Colada Girl,” performed by David Hasselhoff

“Piña Colada girl, you make the boys go ahh.”


2011 “St. Croix,” written by Christina Elisabeth Schroeter, James Edward Buckey, Joe Keefe, Sebastian David Keefe, performed by Family of the Year

“Umbrella in his daiquiri, Sipping, listening to Bob Marley.”


2011 “The Trumpeter,” written and performed by Ray Fox

“Ya taste like a mojito.”


2011 “Yes,” written and performed by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

“It’s the man of the hour, check the Whiskey Sour.”


2012 “Hours and Whiskey Sours,” written by Thomas Erak, performed by Just Like Vinyl

“Give me up, count the hours and whiskey sours.”


2012 “I Told You So,” written by Nick Noonan, performed by Karmin

“Whiskey Sour lemonade, fence is up my barricade.”


2012 “I’ve Landed,” written by Danny Alexander, performed by Rehab

“I was gonna have a few drinks, maybe stop after fo’ Long Island Iced Teas, take the me outta me.”


2012 “Rusty James,” written by Billie Joe Pritchard Armstrong, performed by Green Day

“This Whiskey Sour, amateur hour, raise your glass and toast your friends.”


2012 “She's So Mean,” written by Kyle Cook, Paul Doucette, Robert Thomas, performed Matchbox Twenty

“She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head.”


2012 “Tipsey Love,” written by Brittany Coney, Nayvadius Wilburn, Bobby Wilson, Denisia Andrews, performed by Bobby V

“Imma get whatever you drink, And tell the bartender, Pour you another one.. vodka, Patron, Sex on the Beach.”


2012 “Whiskey Farmer,” written by James Low, performed by the James Low Western Front

“I’m a whiskey farmer trying to grow champagne.”


2013 “Aw Naw,” written by Ashley Gorley, Christopher Young, Chris Destefano, performed by Chris Young

“I saw you come in, With all of your girlfriends, Just cuttin' up and shooting Bacardi...Aw naw, somebody just bought a shot of Patron.”


2013 “Drink You Away,” written by Justin Timberlake, Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon, and James Fauntleroy, performed by Justin Timberlake

“I can’t drink you away, I’ve tried Jack, I’ve tried Jim, I’ve tried all of their friends.”


2013 “Going Hamilton,” written and performed by Horst Christian Simco aka Riff Raff

“Long Island Iced Tea filled up with butter rum.”


2013 “Hollywood,” written by Oliver Jao Smith, performed by Maggie Rose
“Cosmos - everybody nurses, They get as trashed as we do.”


2013 “Roller Coaster,” written and performed by Luke Bryan

“Pushed it back, gave me a kiss with Bacardi on her lips.”


2013 “When I'm Gone,” (Cups) written by  A. P. Carter, performed by Anna Kendrick

“I got my ticket for the long way ‘round Two bottle a whiskey for the way.”


2014 “Bartender,” written by Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Rodney Clawson, performed by Lady Antebellum

“What I’m really needing now is a double shot of Crown, chase that disco ball around.”


2014 “Alcohol Abuse,” written and performed by Marshall Dane

“High Ball, Bloody Mary, Fuzzy Navel, cookin’ sherry, Mudslide, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, straight tequila, Screwdriver, Hurricane, Shirley Temple, down the drain.”


2014 “He Drinks Tequila, She Talks Dirty in Spanish,” written by Shawn Camp and Michele McCord, performed by Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw

“He drinks tequila and she talks dirty in Spanish, him in his sombrero, her in her purty pink jammies.”


2014 “Mr. C,” written by Nina Lindberg Nesbitt, Steve Mac, Karen Ann Poole, Lily Rose Beatrice Allenand, performed by Nina Nesbitt

“Excuse me Mr. C (one more champagne please), Excuse me Mr. C (and a strawberry daiquiri).”


2014 “Sunshine & Whiskey,” written and performed by Frankie Ballard

“But every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey, It’s like a bottle of Jack straight to the head.”


2014 “The Golden Hour,” written and performed by Jonathan Ivo Gilles Vandenbroeck aka Milow

“Now you’re drowning in the Whiskey Sour, always use it in the golden hour.”


2014 “Velvet,” written by Alex Lacasse, Elof Loev, Kellen Pomeranz, performed by Chris Jamison

“Mojito in your hand, close in the sense till the morning light.”


2015 “You Never Know,” written by Troy Barrington Mclean, Kevin Blair, O'neil Edwards, Jerome Jackson, Paul Crossdale, Lowell Dunbar, Steven Marsden, Robbie Shakespeare, performed by Alan Jackson

“Two Daiquiri's later, lord, we're walking hand in hand.”


2015 “Better Call Saul,” written and performed by Adam Dorn aka Mocean Worker

“You drink one, drink two, drink three Long Island Iced Teas but your buddy’s worse off and he throws you his car keys.”


2015 “Christmas Tipsy,” written by Ben Jaffe and Suzanne Santo, performed by HoneyHoney

“Christmas tipsy, have a whiskey, have a holiday, tip ’em back, have a Sazerac, have a candy cane cocktail, it don’t matter ’cause we’ve got our Brandy Alexander, Don’t you ration that Old-Fashioned, we got plenty to pour, you should cash in that Manhattan.”


2015 “Drink On It,” written by Jessi Leigh Alexander, Jon Randall Stewart, Rodney Clawson, performed by Blake Shelton

“I could use another whiskey, And your Cosmo's gettin' low.”


2015 “Lo-Fi,” written and performed by Shannon Saunders

“Feather kisses on your neck, Whiskey Sour in your breath.”


2015 “Negroni Eyes,” written and performed by Wallace

“Wading through Negroni eyes.”


2015 “Street Dogs for Breakfast,” written by John Bell, John Hermann, Jimmy Herring, Domingo Ortiz, Dave Schools, Todd Nance, and Duane Trucks, performed by Widespread Panic

“Street dogs for breakfast, Whiskey Sours for lunch.”


2016 “Cheaper To Drink Alone,” written by Brandon Kinney, Jon Lawhon, Chris Robertson, Ben Wells, John Fred Young, performed by Black Stone Cherry

“High heels and high dollar Cosmos..Drank my bourbon.”


2016 “Elizabeth Taylor,” written by Lincoln Jordan Barrett, Clare Rita, Mary Maguire, performed by Claire Maguire

“I feel like Elizabeth Taylor, At the after party, In a room full of strangers, Just me and my Bacardi.”


2016 “Light it Up,” written and performed by Snoop Dog

“Bacardi over there, party over here, party over there, As we party everywhere.”


2017 “Ain't just the Whiskey Talking,” written by Brett Beavers and Terry A Mcbride, performed by Trace Adkins

“I'll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back, I'll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask.”


2017 “Girl On The Coast,” written and performed by Jesse James Decker

“And we're sipping our mojitos, With sand in my toes.”


2017 “Laughing (Or Pretending Not To Laugh),” written and performed by The Smith Street Band

“And we can continue having this conversation, I'll just go and get us both a Bacardi breezer.”


2017 “Marry Me,” written by Ashley Glenn Gorley, Jesse Frasure, Shane L McAnally, and Thomas Rhett, performed by Thomas Rhett

“I'll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back, I'll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask.”


2017 “Powers That Be,” written and  performed by Rick Ross

“Tell the waiter bring over that Moscow Mule.”


2017 “Strip That Down,” written by Brian Thompson, Charles Miller, Edward Christopher Sheeran, Harold Brown, Howard Scott, Lee Oskar Levitin, Leroy Jordan, Liam James Payne, Morris Dickerson, Orville Burrell, Quavious Keyate Marshall, Rickardo George Ducent, Shaun Pizzonia, Steve McCutcheon, Sylvester Alexander Allen, performed by Liam Payne

“One Coke and Bacardi (sippin' lightly).”


2017 “Yu Zimme,” written and performed by Stylo G

“The bar said the Wray and Nephew just done, The rum we want, so send Bacardi.”


2018 “Bikini,” written and performed by Caroline Rose

“Pour three shots in a glass, call it a Martini.”


2018 “Dirt to Dust,” written by Benjamin Merritt Stennis, Jaron Caleb Boyer, and Michael Tyler Spragg, performed by Jason Aldean

“A shot of Patron, To kick this good time off.”


2018 “Doesn't Even Matter Now,” written and performed by Lake Street Drive

“He's a tall drink of gin with a world-weary grin.”


2018 “Drowns the Whiskey,” written by Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton, and Josh Thompson, performed by Jason Aldean

“Whiskey's supposed to drown the memory, I've gone from one to one too many, And the thing that really gets me, Is how your memory drowns the whiskey.”


2018 “Fat Man,” written and performed by Beth Hart

“Fat man in a little coat, Sucking red vines and rum and coke.”


2018 “Leave Right Now,” written by Edward James Drewett, John Henry Ryan, Julian C Bunetta, Thomas Rhett and performed by Thomas Rhett

“Same streets, same party, Drowning their problems in Bacardi.”


2018 “Made That Way,” written and performed by Jordan Davis

“You're a vodka drink, With two lemons and no lime.”


2018 “Paradise,” written by Benjamin Ingrosso, performed by Ofenbach

“We're sipping Moscow Mule, You take these shots as if you're bulletproof.”


2018 “Pour Whiskey on my Grave,” written and performed by Jacob Bryant

“Pour whiskey on my grave, let it seep into my bones, Have a drink with me, even when I'm gone, I'll do the same for you if you'll do the same for me, Turn it up and take a shot, set my spirit free, Don't forget the promise that you made, Pour whiskey on my grave.”


2018 “Sun Kiss You,” written by Jon Mark Nite, Mike Busbee, and Ryan James Hurd, performed by Chris Lane

“Lean in and taste the salt from your lips, From the last round margarita sip.”


2019 “Wow,” written by Adam King Feeney, Austin Richard Post, William Walsh, Carl Austin Rosenand Louis Russell Bell, performed by Post Malone

 “Shawty mixin' up the vodka with the LaCroix, yeah.”


2019 “Knockin’ Boots,” written by Gordon Francis Sampson, Hillary Lee Lindsey, and Jon Nite, performed by Like Bryan

 “And birds need bees and ice needs whiskey.”


Do you know of some cocktail or spirit songs  I can add to this collection? Please email them to me!

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