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Video Channels & Shows

I applaud anyone who can put themselves out to the world through video. It's not for everyone and, YouTube has proven that not everyone is good at it...but I think these people have done well.


Interviews / Talk

Home Enthusiast/Amateur

Cocktails_for_ you

This YouTube channel has an assortment of silly, serious, clever, fun, and beautiful presentations. Check out "Max La Rocca - The Spook-tacular ( G ) oldfashioned", "The Best Bar Tricks", and "Christian Delpech & Martin Hudak rocking the bar."


Small Screen Drinks

Several shows within this YouTube channel such as The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey, Raising the Bar with Jamie Boudreau, The Morgenthaler Methos, and more. 



Stunning YouTube channel showing Japanese bartending techniques that are mesmerizing to watch.


Bols Bartending

Bols YouTube channel works in close collaboration with professional bartenders from all over the world to develop new products, create new flavours and adapt old recipes, in-line with the cocktail trends of today.

BarTalk & Cocktails

This is Bruce and I think he does a terrific job. He has great energy and has been a bartender for almost 40 years. His videos have great graphics and historical information. Visit his website here. 


Cocktail Courier

This YouTube channel has a nice presentation, voice, and video production.


Jamie Oliver's Drinks

Jamie's YouTube channel is actually good. He has his own style.


DoctorTiki Tiki Bar TV YouTube channel started in 2007.


The Bonneville Cocktail Collection YouTube channel from the Bonneville Tavern in East London.

The Sputnik Cocktail Bar in Bulgaria.

This YouTube channel is very visually appealing and great film production.

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