Spiked Recipes

What's cookin' good-lookin'? Have you been lookin' and lookin' for drunken food recipes? Well, this page will start you off on your journey. The very best source I found was from "The Booze Guys" Ryan and Dave over at Cooking With Booze.com. They even have a book! You'll learn to make Grand Marnier French Toast, Royal Beefeater Burgers, Lime Tequila Shrimp, and more!

Cooking with Booze
Swordfish Margarita
Cooking with Cognac
Cooking with Chartruese
Cooking with wine
Jello Shots
Tequila Salsa
Cooking with rum recipes
Cooking with rum
Cooking with whiskey
Whiskey Cake
Whiskey Pork Chops
Cooking with Tequila
Cooking with alcohol
Spiking a Watermelon
Cherry Bombs

Try these books!