Flaming Drinks


Been to hell and back looking for a ton of flaming recipes?
Welcome to Flaming Cocktail Heaven! Or should I say Hell? Either way, this is the HOTTEST page you've seen in a long time. FYI: most establishments will not let you have flaming drinks because of insurance reasons. Also, on the advice from my lawyer, I must say that I do not accept any responsibility for any accidents resulting from the information on this page.

My 4th published book, The Everything Cocktail Party and Drinks Book, has a chapter titled,"Flaming Libations from Hell". Here are the names of the recipes: Bailey’s Comet, Hunka Hunka Burning Love, Marshmallow Roast, Statue of Liberty, Burning Bush, Tiki Torch, Branded Nipple, Wish Upon a Burning Star, Dragon’s Breath, Roman Candle, California Forest Fire Tea, Sex in Front of the Fireplace, Hot Apple Pie, Blinded by the Light, Hawaiian Volcano, Space Shuttle, Sacrifice to the Gods, Eternal Flame, Ring of Fire, and Hot Blooded.

Webtender's Flaming Drinks
The Extraterrestrial
Flaming Cappuccino
Dragon's Breath
Baily's Comet
Statue of Liberty
Cafe Nero & The Flaming Raul
Cookie Monster
Disney on Ice
Branded Nipple
Screamin' Dead Nazi
Bonsai Pipeline
The Other Half
Molotav Cocktail
Pick me up Jose
Fiery Blue Mustang
Killer Sniff
Fiery Balls of Death
Hot Lunch
Feel the Burn
The Fekin Bolox
Misc. Flamed Drink Stuff:
Pyrotechnic Cocktails
Jason on Flamed Drinks
Flame Show
The Flame Dance
Flaming Tie