You can buy chocolate shot glasses here, but why not save some money and make your own! You will need two ounce plastic portion cups and one ounce plastic portion cups (found in restaurant supply stores), or 3 oz Dixie cups and portions cups, a double boiler or microwave, tray or cooking sheet, unflavored cooking spray (like Pam©), and baking chocolate (I like to use half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate), and some baking wax (found next to the chocolate). Adding a little baking wax makes the glass hard and sturdy.

• As the chocolate mixture is melting in a double boiler or microwave, spray the insides of the two-ounce portion cups and the outsides of the one-ounce portion cups with the cooking spray to prevent sticking.

• Pour chocolate 3/4 of the way up the two-ounce cup then place the one ounce cup inside until the chocolate ooozes up to the top. This molds of the inside of the shot glass.

• Place on a tray/sheet and put in the freezer to set up.

• Remove from the freezer and pop off the portion cups.


1. When buying the portion cups, the smaller ones must fit down into the larger ones, so try them at the store before buying because you will probably have to buy them in bulk. They are resuable.

2. You may have to experiment with the correct amount of chocolate to pour in the two ounce cups.

3. When making several, an ice cold water bath will help them start to set up while you work on the others.


More Tips for making Smores Shots:
• Don't use a lighter because lighter fluid will go in the shot.
• Do not drink the shot until the flame is blown out.
• Don't let the flame burn too long because it starts to melt the glass. Have marshmallows already on the the toothpick.
• If lighting several shots at a time then extreme organization must take place. Try to line the shots up so that everything stays orderly to avoid dangerous situations.

Party Ideas:
• Think about serving cocktail weenies next to them to pull together a miniature campfire theme. Having a miniature party would be fun! (A great recipe for the cocktail weenies is a jar of grape jelly and a jar of BBQ sauce. Cook on low in a crockpot all day.)
• Pre-mix the spirits (except for the 151 Rum). Maybe the shot mixture could be put into picnic-type mustard & ketchup squeeze bottles to match the theme then squeezed into the shot glasses when needed.



Did you know?:
S’mores stands for some-mores (gimmesome-more). The first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927 and the recipe has not changed since.