Miss Charming's Blog

From 2004-2008 I put out fun & informative newsletters for 20,000 subscribers.

In January 2009, I replaced the newsletters with a blog called Charming Cocktails. I did that for five years for the same 20,000 subscribers and don't post there anymore due to time contraints, but you can still peek at the archives.

The archive of past newsletters from 2004-2008 are below and remain on this page for your enjoyment. Keep in mind that many links, products and cocktail ideas have expired. Also keep in mind that they are in the infancy stage of the Internet.

2008 Newsletters
2006 & 2007 Newsletters

2005 Newsletters

*When viewing older newsletters please keep in mind that many websites change and delete pages resulting in broken links. The newsletters from 1999-2003 have been removed because of this reason.

2004 Newsletters