My name is Cheryl Charming.
Since 2005, I've been graphically creating attention-getting résumés for people with creative careers to help stand out from the crowd.

Custom Résumés for Creative Careers can be for anyone, but especially musicians, dancers, bartenders, painters, actors, models, chefs, designers, writers, disc jockeys, party planners, entertainers, etc.

I know it's a challenge to look
for a job and a killer resume will get your foot in the door (the interview is up to you).



Due to my current time constraints, I need you to follow the three steps below so I can help create your resume within 24 hours.

I also do not have the time for consulting anymore.

This is not a scam and I really care about helping you.
You simply provide me with your resume info and I apply it to your favorite resume style.

If you want to know more about me then my website is and my facebook profile is

Cheryl Charming
Text/Phone 407-924-6234

When emailing me make sure the subject line always starts with Re: because I get 4000 spam mails a day and only look at the Replies (Re:).


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