Hangover is an American term. It’s said that it was first used in the late 1800’s and then later added to dictionaries in 1904. Since alcohol has been around since pre-historic times, it’s safe to assume that hangovers have been around just as long and have had many names throughout time.

Symptoms include; headaches, nausea, extreme thirst, and tiredness. Alcohol dehydrates the body. It also begins stripping vitamins from the body with B and C being at the top of the list. You must always remember that alcohol is poisonous and if you put too much of it in your body then you can die. And a hangover makes you feel like you want to.


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Veisalgia (vye-SAL-juh) is the medical term for hangover. When you drink alcohol your body begins to break it down into acetaldehyde (ass-eh-tall-deh-HYDE) first before it breaks it down further into less harmful substances. As it breaks down, it also begins to deplete essential vitamins and minerals.

Congener (CON-gen-er) is a poison found naturally in all fermented drinks and contributes to a hangover as well. They say that dark drinks like red wine, whiskey, scotch, and brandy have more congeners than light drinks like white wine, vodka, gin, and rum. They also say to keep in mind that the quality of the alcohol you choose to drink can supercede the dark/light issue by choosing a high quality over a low quality alcohol.

After drinking, the most common prevention you always hear about is to take aspirin and drink a big glass of water before retiring. What you want to take is Ibuprofen and water. Tylenol (actominophen) causes extreme liver damage when combined with alcohol. It’s like mixing bleach and ammonia together. Ibuprofen is also metabolized in the liver like aspirin and Tylenol, but doesn’t damage at high dangerous levels.

The Top Five Hangover Preventions
1. Drink water while drinking alcohol
2. Snack while drinking
3. Drink high quality alcohol
4. Take B-Complex and Vitamin C
5. Take Ibuprofen

There has never been one cure-all for a hangover the day after. The chemical reality is that our bodies are the same in a lot of ways, but different in other ways due to our age, weight, sex, and genetics. As you can imagine, there are thousands upon thousands of common folk hangover cures that have been passed down from generation to generation. There are also modern day powders and potions that claim to be the cure-all. You’ll just have to determine what is best for you.

The Top 5 Hangover Cures

Hair of the Dog
The Hair of the Dog refers to drinking a bit more alcohol to cure you. Supposedly the term has been around since the 1500’s and refers to placing a few dog hairs over a dog’s bite wound to cure the wound. Somehow it evolved into a drinking metaphor.

Bloody Mary
Drinking a Bloody Mary is considered a classic hangover cure especially when you add hot sauce, an egg, lemon juice and other ingredients to the mix.

Sports Drink
They say that drinking PowerAde or Gatorade will rehydrate the body with essential nutrients.

Raw Eggs
Egg yolks are high in cysteine (sis-TEEN). There is also an over the counter supplement called N-aceltycysteine (NAC).

Hot Bath or Shower
A hot bath or shower is supposed to help you sweat out the toxins from the alcohol faster. However, if you are feeling very uneasy, you should always have someone near by to help you back in bed.Other Hangover Cures include; orange juice, pickle juice, cabbage juice, Coca Cola, ginseng, ginger, bananas, chocolate milk, herring, soup, fresh juices, Dramamine, Alka Selzter, and Berocca.

Global Hangover Cures
America circa 1800’s; soak feet in mustard and eat eggs benedict.
Ancient Egypt; boiled cabbage.
Ancient Libyans; a mixture of seawater and wine.
Ancient Romans; fried canary.
Australia; T-bone steak, chocolate milkshake.
England; clam chowder.
France; hot onion soup.
Germany; pickled herring with a beer chaser.
Haiti; Stick 13 black-headed pins in the cork of the bottle you drank from.
Hungaria; sparrow droppings in brandy.
Holland; herring and onions.
Ireland; Ulster Fry (potato bread, fried egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms and soda bread).
Japan; wear a sake soaked surgical mask.
Norway; heavy cream.
Mongolia; pickled sheep's eye in a glass of tomato juice.
Puerto Rico; rub a lemon under your drinking arm.
Romania; cabbage soup, tripe soup (made with the lining of a cows stomach).
Russia; salted cucumber juice, black bread soaked in water.
Switzerland; brandy with a dash of peppermint (Stinger?).
Wild Wild West; jackrabbit dropping tea.
Global Hangover Expressions
America; hair of the dog.
Australia; hair of the dog and cat shat in my mouth.
DENMARK; timber men in my head, carpenters .in my head, carpenters hammering in my head.
Old England; hair of the dog.
France; relight the boiler, wooden mouth, ill in the hair.
Germany; the wailing of cats.
Holland; wailing of cats.
PORTUGAL; undertow, roughness of the sea, that choppy feeling after a night of Port.
Spain; a nail in the head.
Sweden; pain in the root of my hairs.
ITALY; no direct translation for the word hangover.
SLOVAKIA; to have a monkey.
Other Hangover Expressions
Spaceballs; Mel brooks says, My brain is melting into my feet.



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