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Miss Charming's Bartender Business Cards


Bartender business cards are great to hand out to your favorite clients to drum up some mad Private Party gigs on the side! And working Private Parties is awesome! The best thing is that you can set more cards on the bar so that their guests can grab one. You'll get more gigs!

If you don't think that you can create the artistic elements for these business cards then I can do it for you. The cost is $20 or $30.

1.For $20 you get a PDF file of the card. You then take or email this file to a printer like Kinko's/Staples/Office Depot, etc.

2. For $30 you get a PDF file of the card and a the layered editable original file in Photoshop or Illustrator, so that you can make future changes (phone #, email, fonts, picture, anything!)

Once in Paypal, there will be a special instruction box where you can provide the card # style you want and your info. If you miss it then just email me your info.

If you catch me at the computer then I can design your card right away, if not you'll have to wait until I'm at the computer again.

Also, your title can be anything you want: Bartender, Mixoligist, Bar Manager, Flair Bartender, etc. If you have any of your own ideas feel free to email me me to discuss your vision.



*Buying the original file is recommended because I don't keep back ups of cards. If you want me to make future changes to the card, I will need you to email me that file.

Final card files are much clearer and crisp than they appear here on the web.


More Designs


Please let me know if you want a white or black background for #12.




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