Miss Charming's Drink Trivia App


Miss Trivia! Miss Charming's Drink Trivia iPhone/iTouch App Only 99 cents!
Calling all thirsty cool cats, hip bartenders, beer chuggin’ barflies, extraordinary servers, and all wannabe’s interested in the martini-drinking, jetset, pop-culture, good-time cocktail world.
You have reached your destination because it’s Miss Trivia time!

Miss Charming’s Drink Trivia Game is filled to the brim with fun trivia, graphics, prizes, and surprises that trick you into being educated. It’s like a fun mini-bartender school in your fingertips! This edutainment app currently has 5000 bar & cocktail-related questions in 5 categories that include Spirits & Recipes, Beer & Wine, Tools & Terms, Celebrity Cocktails, and History. Each category takes you inside a new themed bar with 3 difficulty levels to choose from. Where do you want to start: Bartender, Mixologist, or Geek?

Who can Play?
The game allows 1-4 players play, so you can pass the iPhone or iTouch around at the bar, car, party, or anywhere!

The object of the game is to get the highest bar tab. You should have lots of practice on that one!

You will be given 2 rounds with 10 questions per round. Higher points go to the higher difficulty levels, but start slow and have fun by working your way up. You can also gain points by answering the questions quicker. A tall cool tropical Hurricane serves as the timer and as time ticks away, the level of the drink lowers. At the end of the game, you are given a faux drink-related prize based on how well you scored.

How to download an iPhone / iTouch App
First, make sure you've created an account with iTunes on your computer.

On your iPhone/iTouch: Just tap the App Store icon on your iPhone/iTouch then tap the "search" button. In the search space type Miss Trivia. Touch Miss Trivia then download/install.

On your computer: Click the link above and it will open iTunes directly to the Miss Trivia page. Then download. Or open iTunes on your own, search for Miss Trivia, then download.

Once you own an application, the App Store automatically notifies you when there’s an update. Updates are free.


In association with the game development company, Iron-Square.com who also brings you, Mr. Trivia, Mr. Trivia Kids, Surface to Air Mayhem, and Klock O Tock.




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